【Hearthstone】 Coming to Mobile

One of the 3 major dTCG introduced this year.  The reason why I have not covered about this game until today is because I don’t have the access to the game… And there were no promise for the game coming to mobile platform.  At least the second part had changed now.

In brief from what I gathered, this game is based on the world of warcraft.  The WOW TCG itself is no longer be updated, but the companies who were involved in making the game has split into two different games.  One is this game, the Hearthstone.  Same world setting, and made by Blizaad.  The difference here from WOW TCG is that the game is more casual appealing.  There are many dTCGs out there tries to simplify the TCG genre in order to appeal to casual players.  But Hearthstone has a brand name, and from what I read many players who got into the closed beta are loving the game.

Now that this is coming to mobile platform, I am sure eventually I will cover about this game and someday I will try giving my own review.

For those of you who aren’t familier and wonder what the second part of the game WOW TCG splitted into, it’s the HEX.  Cryptozoic who were involved in making the WOW TCG is now going its own way.  I have been covering about HEX quite bit on this blog, so hopefully you all are familier with it by now.  The game is NOT based on the WOW i.e. it has its own background story and world setting.  The game is more of a real/hardcore TCG, a lot like Magic in general mechanics and depth.  HEX will also be on the mobile platform.

2014 will certainly be the interesting year to see which dTCG will dominate.  It’s like a console war, PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U.  But the difference here is there are many dark horses out there, like Infinity Wars, Chromancer, Faeria etc.  The more competition, the better products will be or bad product will quickly disappear and only the good ones remain.  So as a player this is certainly a welcome trend.

What is your choice of the game?


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