【HEX】What’s on the sleeve?

Nothing was really spoiled here, but I actually trust HEX TCG Pro site more than any other HEX site when it comes to accuracy of strategy.  That to me seems like these are trustworthy guys.  In any event, HEX Pro just posted an article about their experience of visiting Cryptozoic office recently.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we’re back from vacation and as excited as we ever could be for HEX!  This past week, Shaggy and I got to hit up Blizzcon in Anaheim as well as check out Cryptozoic headquarters in Lake Forest, CA!  While Blizzcon was certainly fun (mainly Heroes of the Storm), seeing CZE was by far the highlight of my weekend.  I’m bound by NDA so I can’t spill the beans but I can say that everyone should be really excited as to what’s still to come.  Drafting looks absolutely amazing as do the mechanics in set two and the direction the shards are taking.  But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

Again there is nothing concrete here, but someone who knows TCG talking about upcoming mechanics as an excitement is always a good thing.

Although I love HEX already, the evolution of TCG is what makes it genre.  Just adding a little variation of card here and there to me seems like not a true “mechanics” evolution.  So hopefully, what we will see with HEX is continued evolution rather than addition.




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