【Shadow Era】Kickstarted

Shadow Era had just launched its kickstarter project.

The game has been out for already over two years, but with the next expansion they plan to add several additional features besides the cards:

  • Campaign mode
  • 3D battle field
  • Player auction house
  • Tournament mode
  • Player profile

I have not  played the game for a while but as I recall if they haven’t changed, Shadow Era have two major strength compared to other dTCGs.

One is its cost.  Its the cheapest dTCG out there.  I have done several cost analysis in the past for different games, but no game had came close to Shadow Era.

The game itself has relative depth, and strategy.  It certainly feels like a real dTCG, and as far as the depth of the play goes, I consider similar to that of Solforge, and probably Hearthstone, the latter I have not had a chance to play yet. It is not as deep as HEX, or perhaps Infinity Wars, which is slightly more deeper.

It would be really interesting to see how Shadow Era evolves with other dTCGs coming into the market.  Up until now, it was safe to say Shadow Era is the only real dTCG in the mobile platform, but with all new dTCGs on the horizon to mobile platform this will certainly change, and some games like HEX have undoubtly more depth to it.

So either players will stay with Shadow Era as they believe its the right depth, or may start becoming hungry for more sophisticated, game.  If the latter happens, Shadow Era will inevitably needs to evolve.  This is sort of what I am/was waiting for.  Unfortunately, so far the spoiled card seem to add variation to the game, but not depth or what I call new mechanics.  Nonetheless, the game can be great for many.  So if you are looking for cost efficient, ready to play dTCG, and have not tried Shadow Era, now might be the best time!



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