【HEX】15000 Invites

It’s the third and surprisingly the last wave of alpha invites i.e. everyone who had backed this game is now invited to the alpha.


Nov 19, 2013

Today, we reach an incredible milestone. We have now invited every single HEX:Shards of Fate backer into Alpha. Invites are going out throughout the day, through those internet tubes, to the remaining 15,000 backers. Please check your email, the email Kickstarter provided us at the end of the campaign, for your invitation and instructions.


As this is alpha, we want to take this opportunity to stress test our servers and find more opportunities to optimize both our hardware and our processes. With your help, we’ll be able to gather much more data about our systems and client. You will experience load-based bugs as all our new users jump into the game, but our crack engineering team will sort those problems out as soon as possible. Expect instability over the next 48 hours especially as we enter peak times. For any updates on this process or known issues that we discover,please follow us on Twitter.

Invites will be going out all day today starting right now. If you should receive an invite and did not by the end of the day, please first check your Junk or Spam email box. If you still can’t locate your invite, please head to the new HEX support page and open a ticket including your name, your log-in name, your Kickstarter account’s email (or PayPal email), what level you backed at, and the payment transaction ID. Remember that we’re sending invites out to the email you used at the close of the Kickstarter campaign this past spring.

Thanks for your patience with the Alpha process, and thank you for helping us improve the game during this Alpha period. From here, we’re going to continue working on the client, taking feedback, gathering data, implementing functionality, adding cards, and more. Every day, we’re one step closer to making the game that you made one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns of all time. Thank you again, and enjoy the HEX: Shards of Fate Alpha.

This would make the total player pool close to 20,000.  HEX still has a long way to go to arrive to what it has promised and beyond, but now everyone who showed true interest and support for this game are in!

I believe you can still pay $50 and choose slacker backer to joint the alpha if you haven’t done so and still interested.  When is open beta? I doubt it will happen for a few more months.


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