【HEX】The best deck

It is always the ultimate question for TCG.  What is the best deck?  Obviously, there should be no perfect deck that can win every single game; otherwise, the TCG balance is broken.  But what’s the deck type that provides the highest winning rate?  As of today, perhaps this is the one…

One of the site I truly trust its content and accuracy is “HEX TCG PRO”.  When they wrote an article a few weeks back to divide alpha decks into different tiers, they have placed “mono ruby” into the second tier.  That was the only portion I actually disagreed with the article.  The reason was simply my mono ruby had the best winning rate for me from the day 1 I got access to the HEX alpha (close to 80-90%).  But I am by no means pro player, not even close.  So I just thought may be my match was skewed in my favor.

Well… at least this time I was right.  The author of the article himself ended up using mono ruby in HEX TCG PRO’s own tournament, and he actually won the tournament with it.

HEX will continue to have more card added, and some cards bug still needs to be fixed.  So things will certainly change.  But for now if you want to make the best/strongest deck, it might not be a bad start to make a mono ruby deck, which is easy to make.  Then take it to another step.  Try come up with a deck you want that can beat the mono ruby.

Source: http://hextcgpro.com/?p=1414



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