【Shadow Era】Kickstarter status, and predicting Shadow Era’s future

It is almost a halfway through the kickstarter on the Shadow Era’s third expansion along with multiple major update of the game itself.  How is the funding going?  It’s also halfway through for $50,000.

Will it be funded?



I have no doubt that the this game will be funded because most kickstarter project get the last minute boost.  So as far as the game goes, its on the track for the goal.

How is it compared to the past sets?

I cannot recall exactly how much the first set made when it had physical card funding, but it was at least $140k.  The number was rather astounding to me.  Then the second expansion made $115,330 for the goal of $50,000.

The time span of these funding were much longer, and also physical card were included.  So it is probably not a fair comparison, but nonetheless, you can see as reference.

How is it compared to other dTCG?

HEX: ~$2.3M over 30 days, 17,765 backers

Solforge: ~$430k over 40 days, 6971 backers

Ascension Online: $184k+ over 10 days, 2754 backers

Faeria: $94k+ over 32 days, 2631  backers

Chromancer: $68k+ over 40 days, 570 backers

Alteil Horizon: $46k+ still ongoing, 580 backers

Infinity Wars: ~18k over 30 days, 390 backers

World War II TCG: 18k over 30 days, 199 backers

What’s the future of Shadow Era?

From here is my personal opinion.  Shadow Era is one of the first and therefore the oldest mobile card game that has a relative enough depth.  Yes. there were many other card games but those were more of a card battle game rather than trading card game/collectable card game with enough depth and strategy.   In general, I have no doubt Shadow Era is a huge success of its own given the company, Wulven had no true reputation before Shadow Era though they had other card games in the past.  The game is ongoing for couple years with solid player population, and still getting some good funding support is good overall.

However, I am concerned for the future of the game.  This year we have already seen so many dTCGs that are coming next year, and most are already in beta.  These games provide some unique approach and many claims “TRUE depth” in the strategy.  What does this mean?  To me it means at least many companies believe dTCG need true depth, and belief of simple, quick play may not be enough anymore.

Despite the difference in some bonus, I feel like Shadow Era is losing some momentum at least based on the funding.  The game is now shaped up to have one of the best art in digital TCG.  UI is relatively easy to navigate.  But the problem is I believe the game is evolving.  The first set was perhaps good for starter.   Maybe second set is alright as well.  But just keeping the same game with relatively minor variation in mechanics won’t cut it.  I think players won’t feel fresh, which is one of the important aspect of TCG/CCG, and in fact one of the main thing Magic is doing great job; hence, keeping its prestige.

I respect some of the game’s design decision like not adding “interrupt”, but Shadow Era needs other things to compensate for that.  Unfortunately, the cards revealed so far for the next expansion does not seem to show that.

If this is the direction Shadow Era is heading, I hate to say to the game I once thought one of the best dTCG but it may dissolve in the waves of new dTCGs, and once that happens it will no longer have its advantage, which was one of the first/oldest dTCG, and already in official production state where others are still in alpha/beta.

Is it too late?  Perhaps.  I believe the next Set just won’t have any surprise to experienced dTCG players.  Given the pace of expansions in Shadow Era (once a year), it is probably too late for the game to change its direction.  I hope my prediction would not come true, but this may be the next Carte….





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