【Infinity Wars】Rift Run ~Draft is coming~

The year 2013 was certainly a big dTCG year.  The big 3 (Hearthstone, HEX, and Solforge) all became playable.  But that’s not all the story.  There were other great dTCGs.  Among them, personally Infinity Wars deserves the one of the top spot for its game’s potential.  I am glad to see the game continues to show its evolution because the game really has the potential.  December 13 will be another big step of Infinity Wars.

What is draft?

It is one of common and popular play format for trading/collecting card games.  Generally speaking, multiple players get together and opens some fixed number of booster packs, and make a deck using those cards.  More precisely, each participant opens a pack at a time and choose a card they like to keep, and pass the rest of cards to the next person, and keep doing so until all cards are taken then do the same for next booster pack.  Hence, it is called “draft”.

This format gives many cards a chance when those may not get any attention or competitive use on the standard format where you can carefully choose what individual cards to put into.  Also, it is more fair in some people’s opinion as everyone essentially plays in very similar sets of card pool i.e. not budget driven.

In many dTCG, this is probably one of the main feature experienced players ask for.  In general, the cards one chose to make one’s deck is yours to keep.  In addition, if you win the draft, you can typically win the prize.  Because of these reasons, draft does usually cost some money for entry.

How does it work in Infinity Wars?

Though the price is not fixed, it supposedly will cost 750IP or 45LP.  Now looking at the video clip above, and the general rule of you can go until 3 losses reminds me of Hearthstone’s arena being the most similar style.  I still don’t have the access to the hearthstone, and have not had a chance to play the arena like drafting before, but with my limited reading about the hearthstone, many seems to find Arena being one of the most fun aspect of the game.  So as I always say taking what works and making it better is indeed the right approach as used in every other industry.

Arena CardPick.jpg

Can I try?

For the event [December 13], the code Draft will get anyone and everyone access to Infinity Wars on the days the event is active. The access you get is permanent, the code de-activates when the event is over.  On top of access to Infinity Wars, we’d like to welcome our new strategist card gamers with open arms by providing them with a head start. So come on in and be a part of our community.

Source: Press-release email


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