【Shadow Era】Kickstarter sweetened up

There are 9 more days left, currently 56% funded status.  Considering the previous track record, this may have been somewhat underwhelming result for Wulven.  So in order to attract more backers, Wulven has decided to sweeten up the kickstarter deal which was already pretty good to begin with.

We’ve just added some new and amazing rewards! We won’t be relaunching the Kickstarter if we fail to meet our goal, so let’s make sure this happens! You can like us on Facebookand follow us on Twitter. Your posts, comments, and retweets help us spread the word and get more people interested in the game!

But enough talk, let’s see what new bonus items we’ve thrown into the pot as soon as our funding goal is met!!

Many new players also wanted booster packs from the first two sets so that they can save their shadow crystals for tournaments and other goodies. So to sweeten the deal, we going to double the number of booster packs you’ll get! For example, at the $30 reward you’ll now get 30 Shattered Fates booster packs as well as 15 Call of the Crystals and 15 Dark Prophecies boosters!

For every $10 you pledge, you’ll get to pick a non-exclusive card from Call of the Crystals, Dark Prophecies or Shattered Fates to add to your library. For example, at the $30 reward level you’ll get to pick 3 cards. Maybe you want a certain foil hero, or a foil Legendary? As long as it’s a non-exclusive card (found in booster packs), it’s no problem!

Backers at the $90 and up levels will get to submit their own custom card sleeves to use in the game. Perhaps you want a funny image, some more epic artwork, or your guild’s logo? As long as it’s not offensive or copyrighted, your deck will be customized for all to see!

Our most requested feature! If we hit the $80k funded goal, we’ll commit to adding 2v2 team games, and 3 or 4 player free-for-all battles! The card design of existing cards already supports it, and we’ve tried it in the physical game and it’s quite fun!

We released some more card spoilers on our weekly Twitch.tv live stream, as well as answering lots of viewer questions. This time everyone was quite happy to see two new Human Allies!

Is this a great deal?  Yes. amazing deal.

Is this a surprise? No.  Because Wulven had a track record of being the most generous DTCG creator.

Should you pledge? If you are looking for most affordable dCCG with decent depth, Shadow Era is good game to start.  There are many other alternatives out there, which may make a hard choice.  Obviously, if someone is looking for one and only dCCG, and that’s where you want to spend all money and time, Shadow Era may or may not be the best choice.  The good thing about this game is free to try and the game is already available in public.  So give a shot, and see how you like it.  The arts are phenomenal, but depth of the play may be somewhat lacking for people who are looking for true depth, but easier to learn.  So it can really go either way.  One thing for sure though is this game is the cheapest dCCG available excluding games that are just card battle game, and not real dTCG/dCCG.  So even with a small investment you may be able to play full degree of the game, and if you don’t like it you only lost so much. I have spent ~$100 during the first set physical card pledge event.  Guess what. With all bonuses etc. I have complete playset of set 1 and set 2 cards with lots of crystals left that allows me to undoubtly complete set 3 when comes out.



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