【Shadow Era】Funded

Although recently so many dTCG/dCCG are successfully funded with rather what seemed to be high goal, it should not be a surprise for the game that has been out for couple years and raised $100k in the past to successfully meet its goal of $50k.  It is still impressive especially because there are so many competitions now. There are little over two days left, and it is likely to hit its first stretch goal.  If you are interested don’t miss the opportunity.

Now that the $50k goal is firmly in our grasp, a huge round of applause to all of our backers who believed in the game and are helping to make it better!

Raising $50k in under 30 days is no small feat, but we’re not going to stop there! As of this writing we have about two and a half days left of the Kickstarter funding. At the 48 hour mark, Kickstarter is going to remind everyone who showed interest in the project, and that’s usually when the largest spike of backers comes in. Existing backers can also change their pledge by clicking on the big “Manage Pledge” button on the right side of the project page.

As a reminder, here’s the awesome stretch goals we’re shooting for!

The first stretch goal is at the $60k funded level, and something that has been often requested by players. The extra cash will be used to create epic new full-length music tracks for the menus and during battles. All backers will also get to download high-quality mp3 versions of the music!

And now for some more exclusive stuff! If we reach the $70k funded level, all backers will get 20 alternate art cards, from any previous set, determined by popular vote. Maybe you want a more overpowered Firesnake, or maybe you would prefer to see Jasmine from a different angle? It’s up to the backers to pick which cards our top artists will recreate! These cards will be exclusive, meaning they won’t be found in booster packs or for sale in the merchant.

Our most requested feature! If we hit the $80k funded goal, we’ll commit to adding 2v2 team games, and 3 or 4 player free-for-all battles! The card design of existing cards already supports it, and we’ve tried it in the physical game and it’s quite fun!

As far as the overall game play goes, Hearthstone and Shadow Era are very similar but Hearthstone are ahead for couple reasons.  One is that it really went for simple, rapid play style.  You can see my recent review on the game if interested.  As far as the depth of the game, again similar to the Hearthstone, and HEX is far deeper.   However, Shadow Era has one thing setting the game apart from other dTCG/dCCG, which is its cost.  It is one of the most affordable dTCG/dCCG and is unlikely to be changed any time soon.  You can join HEX closed beta by paying $50; however, once the game launches, there is no way you would have as many card as Shadow era if you were to pledge the same amount on the Shadow Era.   In fact, with $50 pledge on Shadow Era right now, I have no doubt you can complete entire playset of first two sets, and possibly even shattered fate cards.



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