【HEX】New Patch, New Card, Another Controversial Update….

Here comes the weekly update.  It seems like every week so far we have been seeing new card added to the game, which is great.  This update is no exception, and in fact several of cards have interesting mechanics including some that we have never seen before.  However, the update also included another huge controversial change.

HEX Alpha Patch Notes – v818 – 12/19/13

• Stability fixes for tournaments

• “User not online” message from chat no longer has two exclamation points.
• Quantity icons in the Card Manager have had a UI update
• We’ve begun to update the UI throughout the client with scroll bars
• You should no longer be able to get chat into a state where you see html
• New window frames can be seen throughout the client
• There is no longer a priority window during the Prep Step

Prime Wild Orb of Dominance no longer ignores threshold requirement and activates correctly
Prime Diamond of Solidarity now triggers correctly
Prime Blood Orb of Brutality now has the correct game text
• When Mancubus steals a card it will no longer also incorrectly steal cards created by that card
Sliver of the Immortal Spear now correctly requires five Sliver of the Immortal Spears to activate the nuclear option
Research Adept no longer will go on the chain when there is no artifact in play as Research Adept comes in to play
Research Librarian now correctly exhausts when it uses its ability

New Cards
o Crown of the Primals
o Infernal Professor
o Princess Victoria
o Rocket Ranger
o Mistborn Wendigo
o Cerulean Grand Strategist
o Dream Dance
o Jadiim

Known Issues
• Cards do not always highlight properly in your hand when they are legal to be played
• The New Cards are not appearing for some users. Relogging will fix this issue


Here are  pictures of new cards.

Every single card above have interesting effect, and expand potential deck idea.  So these are certainly good side of patch though some may say change in the card effect like Dream Dance is not so great, but I can live with it.

Now the biggest controversy part of this update is “Prep phase” no longer allow players to stop and do anything.   At first glance this is a huge deal just was with original change in all triggered event not entering into the chain.  This topic will require more dedicated write up for me, so for now I will just leave up to readers of this blog to decide what you think, and please come back here afterward because I will soon post my opinion about this.



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