【Faeria】Free 10 day trial

Faeria now has timed exclusive (Jan 3 to 5) to allow free 10 days trial play.  If you are interested, you can buy the game for $20 and get another free access i.e. if you can find a friend each of you can get the game actually for $10.

You may or may not be aware of this game, but Faeria is one of dCCG introduced in 2013 and had relatively good success on the kickstarter.  This game is one time pay, and collect card as you play model rather than with microtransactions.  Plus what makes this game a bit unique compared to others is that it uses board information i.e. you create fields, and move your creatures along the board.

Winter Feast

We are celebrating the “Winter Feast of Eirimar” from 3rd to 5th of January!


Play the game with winter lands and a lot of suprises! Read about the updates below.

For all “life key pack” bought in our shop you will receive an extra key.


During the “Winter Feast”, 10 people will be selected randomly from our Facebook screenshot contest.  They will receive an Eirimar’s gift: life keys, Steelseries mouse and Steelseries headphone. More info here.

Winter Update

We worked on the leveling system and many other improvements, and we would like to invite new players to join the game!



Try the game for free!
  • A new system of “10 days demo keys” is now available in our shop.
  • Share the game with your friends! They can now join the game with a few clicks.
  • They can also apply for the Eirimar Gifts and win a life key!
  • Please note these keys are only activable on fridays and saturdays.
Play with the new preconstructed decks and the new classic mode!
  • Classic mode is a matchmaking that doesn’t affect your rating and ranking but lets you gain 100% memoria and experience.
  • Leveling up now rewards premade decks you can use in the classic mode.
  • Preconstructed decks will allow you to progress and try different play styles, without the need of collecting cards.
  • Ranked mode works the same way except your ranking gets impacted by your results, you also get 100% memoria but no experience. Now available to level 30 only.

Discover the lore of Faëria!
  • The Lands of Eirimar were once part of the Northern Kobold Empire, learn more about the legends of the world!
  • Click on the link below to read the story in PDF format.



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