【HEX】 Major Organized Play by HEXTCGPRO

It’s the strength of the game when there is huge player population and/or the population include active/experienced players.  Despite its being alpha, HEX already seem to have the both.  Although there had been some organized plays in the past already, this one seemed to be one of the biggest one to the date, and hosted by HEXTCGPRO.  It’s a monthly tournament with final round in June for those qualify.  There are prizes and its free to participate.


Welcome to the new organized play page for HexTCGPro.  When Soldack asked me to take over for him and run the tournament of streamers moving forward, I had the idea to not only continue to run a community driven event, but also find ways to make it better.  One of the ways that we’re trying to make it better is by nixing the whole “streamers only” gig and making it more accessible for everyone!  We understand that this takes the event in an entirely new direction and we’re very happy with this change.  That said, let me outline the HexTCGPro Challenge Series for you:

First of all, the HexTCGPro Challenge Series is a series of many events run monthly and culminates into two season championships.

  • Season One:  January-May (June Championship)
  • Season Two:  July-November (December Championship)

Each and every event will be run Swiss style with the number of rounds based on participants.  The finishers in the event will receive Challenge Points (CPs) based on their final standings.  The point breakdown can be found below:

  • 1st – 10 CPs
  • 2nd – 8 CPs
  • 3rd-4th – 6 CPs
  • 5th-8th – 4 CPs
  • 9th-16th – 2 CPs
  • 17+ – 1 CP

At the end of the five month period, the top 16 players in the standings will participate in the HexTCGPro Challenge Series Invitational.  The prizes are still being worked out but you can expect lucrative prizes for all the events ranging from packs, to promos, to playsets of cards, and much, much more.  We’re going to do everything that we can to promote this event and give sweet prizes, even if that means that they come out of our own pocket.  We’re very excited for this and hope that you are too.

To see the standings (that will be updated after each event) you only have to come to this page.  Also, you can check out live standings and pairings for the current Challenge Series event on this page as well.

The January event is now open for sign-ups and can be found here:  http://challonge.com/janchallenge

We hope that everyone who sees the event participates and certainly hope that everyone has a good time.  I’m confident that the event will grow in popularity each month and I’m also confident that each month that passes the tournament will improve in quality.  For the first two or three events we’ll be in Alpha still so it will be a little rough going but after the beta release the events should run much more smoothly.  Please check out the events page linked above and you can direct any questions to me at hextcgpro@gmail.com.  Thanks!


Despite only couple days since the announcement, there are already 100+ participants signed up.  This may seem a small number of population considering HEX should have 20,000 players based on the kickstarter. However, not everyone participate these type of competition especially when it is not officially hosted by the developer.  The game is of course still in alpha status.  So taking all these into account, I think the number of the participant is actually impressive.

If you are in alpha, there is really nothing to lose as its free to participate.



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