【HEX】Ranked #4 in The Most Wanted Indie MMO of 2014

HEX seems to continue receive attention especially among the hardcore gamers.  It is now ranked #4 most wanted indies MMORPG on the recently published MMORPG.com article.

4.) HEX

Developed by Cryptozoic Entertainment, HEX is a free to play trading card MMORPG. It aims to create a compelling experience by combining a great community with roleplaying aspects simultaneously. You’ll have classes, raids, dungeons, and the whole nine yards, wrapped into a deep and addictive TCG experience. We can’t wait to see how it plays.

In my mind it is still controversial whether HEX really is a MMO but nonetheless, this simply proves the game continue to get attention in the gaming community, and it is beyond just dTCG community.

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