【HEX】This weeks patch ~ Bad & Good News ~

So it’s a Thursday.  The day of HEX weekly update.  There is a good news and bad news this week.

Bad News is there is no patch this week.

Good News is the next week’s patch will have some major features.

Hi HEXers. As you’ve likely noticed, we typically patch the HEX alpha client every week. Our goal is to patch every week to both test new additions and to show you the progress we’re making on the alpha client. This post is to inform you that we’re choosing to hold off on this week’s patch. This next update includes Sealed support in addition to fixing sync issues, tournament bugs, and introducing the ability for players to reconnect when unexpectedly dropping connection or leaving an in-progress game. Our various teams are testing these features now internally and we do not want to rush it until it’s ready for you, the players. Thank you for your continued support of HEX and we hope you’ll love these features when they’re ready to be added to the live client.

Yes. it sounds like we are getting “sealed” next week. I was surprised when we got tournament mode so quickly, but now sealed mode.  For those of you who are not familiar with sealed deck play, it is a mode of play basically you open booster packs (perhaps tournament pack as well?) and construct a deck on the fly and play the tournament with it.

The different between this format and “draft” is you don’t pick a card and pass the rest to the other player.  So you can basically think as this is a sort of initial step to the draft.  The draft provides larger card selection, and perhaps requires another type of skill as your opponent may take the card that you were planning to get next round.

In any event, Sealed mode will create an environment such that some of the card that did not seem to be the best of the best i.e. not a construct format tournament card to shine, and have some interesting interaction.

This is a necessity part of the dTCG especially when the game is aspiring to become the real full blown environment i.e. eSports.


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