【HEX】Prep Phase will be back

So next week’s patch will bring back the prep phase back into the game.

I had some thought about the loss, and wrote an article about it here.  In all honesty, I had some difficulty finding the exact scenario where loss of the stop at opponent’s prep phase affect overall game play.  In fact even now after reading the Ben Stoll (lead game designer’s comment), I am not convinced there is any specific situation that cannot be done by other method.

But nonetheless, it is more intuitive to have the stop both during your own and opponent’s if we are going to have one, and it is clear that we will need our own prep phase stop.  So in that regard, their solution is the best one.  Basically, they have the opponent’s prep phase stop turned off by default, but you have an option to turn back it on if so desire.

Prep Phase – It’s Back!

This upcoming patch will feature the re-introduction of the Prep Phase as a priority window. By default, the stop in the Prep Phase will be turned off, but it will be able to be turned on manually.

From our lead PVP designer, Ben Stoll:

Originally we felt strongly that eliminating the prep phase altogether was the best thing for the game—the basic idea being that it would streamline gameplay and make for a more accessible experience for our players. And nearly every time, players would get the exact same effect from playing their cards either a phase before or a phase after the prep phase. However, some of the members of our beloved community (that’s you) felt that we hadn’t made the best decision here. There are a lot of compelling reasons supporting putting the Prep Phase back in, many of which are thoughtfully outlined by various forum posters. Some examples include that it provides a moment for players to breathe before the main part of someone’s turn starts, it provides a reactive window in an intuitive spot, and it allows a clear differentiation for the timing of start of turn effects and events occurring during the main phase.

Changes like this are typically seen in Alpha builds, but gamers typically aren’t part of Alphas so they don’t see these changes– and we don’t get the opportunity to respond to their thoughts as effectively.

Hex has always been built on the foundation of a strong partnership with our players through the Kickstarter experience, and this is another example of the sort of benefit the game can receive from that partnership. I want to extend a huge thanks to you all for trying it out, voicing your opinions, and giving us the opportunity to improve HEX on community feedback!


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