【HEX】Mercenaries will be tradable!

I don’t know how I missed this news, but this was from the Cory Jones, CEO of Cryptozoic, first blog post on his own blog.

What’s Mercenary?

They are essentially the champion equivalent, but you can only use them during your PvE play.  Unlike Champion’s on PvE, mercenaries will have linear level progression and very specific ability gaining as they level up.  This is in contrast to champions; where, their leveling up is somewhat customizable.  The idea here is mercenaries may only work for very specific deck type, but in the correct deck type, it could potentially create incomparable experience.

Mercenaries were not tradable

The Cryptozoic’s CEO, Cory Jones, made a definite statement when kickstarter was still running regarding to the mercenaries.  That was basically they are NOT TRADABLE and Cryptozoic will be giving mercenaries as a promo to certain events i.e. if you miss the event, you will NEVER EVER get the mercenary.

Horrible idea, isn’t it?  Many backers had complained about this, but Cryptozoic held a stance there will be no change regarding to this decision.  For all other part, Cryptozoic listened to the players, and changed their decisions for the fans.  But somehow, this one was not.

As someone who have collector’s mentality myself, this decision simply made me think okay… since I will not be able to get every single Mercenary, so if I am going to miss one then that’s not a complete collection.  So basically, I will not collect ANY mercenary.

Mercenaries are now tradable

But now the whole thing has changed!!

Anyone familiar with how that announcement went over can attest to the passionate response the community had about exclusive mercenaries. I’ll give you a hint… it wasn’t positive, and really for one reason. I intended to make the mercenary untradeable. I thought this was a way to make them more special and rare, so when you got one, it would be a big deal.

I will admit that I subscribe to the logic that sometimes a little pain is necessary to the make the pleasure as great as possible. As a look inside the process, you should know that the exclusive mercenaries concept was also wildly unpopular with the rest of the team (I was standing alone on this one). But I stuck to my guns and announced they were untradeable, with the compromise on convention exclusives that we would add them as drops in the treasure chest during the days of the event.

The community was mildly okay with that decision and ready to move on, so that’s what we did… move on.

Well, as I have been working on the loot tables and designing the drops for the treasure chests (a task I have taken on), it has become clear to me that I was wrong. First of all, having seen other games do exactly what I am talking about and getting a clear barometer of how it made me feel, I can say without a doubt: it sucks. Secondly, I want all levels of rarity on the various drops in the game, and some stuff should be VERY rare. When you make an untradeable mercenary VERY RARE, it’s going to make EVERYONE unhappy.

It’s one thing to chase a rare item in general (auction house, etc.) it’s another to run a dungeon endlessly trying to get it to actually drop. I can tell you from experience, it’s not fun.

So there it is, I was wrong, and we WILL make mercenaries tradable. And really, in terms of storytelling, doesn’t that make sense? They ARE mercenaries.

Source: http://coryhudsonjones.tumblr.com/post/75708632816/so-a-blog


This means the kickstarter exclusive Mercenaries now have much higher values as they are all tradable now.  So what had already been historic level of great deal package had simply became even better.



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