【Duelyst】 Q&A with developer ~Not a dTCG/dCCG, but it is~

It seems like every month new dTCG/dCCG is lauched on the kickstarter.  As a fan of this genre, we just have to be appreciative of the current trend because we will all find the game we like at some point if you haven’t found one yet.  Today, we are looking at a game call Duelyst.  It is listed as “squad based tactical combat game.”  So technically speaking this game is not a dTCG/dCCG.  However, if you look at the game’s description it is hard not to associate this as dCCG.  So those of you who are interested in this genre (I am assuming everyone who is visiting this site), you should at least check it out.

Goal of the game.  Is it to destroying all preset units?  Reaching to other side of board? Destroy opponent castle?
As a Duelyst, you play the role of a Bloodborn General leading your own battle squad. You have the ability to call forth battle units and cast powerful spells to battle against your opponent’s General on a tactical map.  Victory Condition is achieved by defeating your opponent’s Bloodborn General.
How is the turn take place?  Each player makes a move on each unit and perhaps cast a spell and then done? 

Cores are the primary resource cost for taking actions such as deploying units, casting spells, moving and attacking with your units.  The turn ends when the player runs out of Cores with no actions left to complete or 90 seconds (for live matches).  In other words, Cores are the shared resource used for taking actions during your turn.

Any counter or interrupt mechanics? Ie when a player with priority tries to do something can the other player cast a spell on use some specific class.

Yes, certain Battle Units will have counter mechanics and priority interrupts.  Additionally, certain spells can be applied on allies which imbue them with counter mechanics.

Will you be casting new units through out the game? Or all are set before the game start.

Yes, you will be deploying new Battle Units and casting spells through out the game.  Prior to the match, you pick your Faction and then choose faction-specific battle units and battle spells.

Additionally, you may pick neutral spells and mercenary units to complement your squad with no restriction on unit to spell ratios.  There is an upper bound of 25 total units + spells per custom squad.

At the bottom of your screen is an Action Bar with 6 Active Slots. Each turn, empty slots in your Action Bar are refilled and randomly drawn from your pre-built custom squad composition of Battle Units and Battle Spells.
What’s the difference between the factions?

All the factions have thematic consistency from visual art style to play style.  Some are more aggressive with more combo/chaining while others are more defensive with more debuffs and denies.

Will there be story mode?  

No story mode since our focus is on competitive multiplayer.  We still have a Single Player mode for you to practice and challenge yourself against the computer AI. Earn new units and spells as you progress in the practice mode.

You have mentioned browser versions.  Will they work on tablets and phones?

Desktop browser using Chrome or Firefox will definitely work.  We are planning to do native application for tablets.

Any plan for local app for android or iOS?

Yes, assuming we hit our stretch goals, we will love to create native app for Android and iOS.

What makes this game different from other tactical game?

Most tactics games focus on single player campaign.  Our big difference is our heavy emphasis on ranked competitive play first.  We have ranked ladders, match making, and tiered leagues.
Can you share me some specifics of interesting class and spell examples. 
Here some examples of interesting classes each with unique abilities.

Inline image 1

Assassin Class (Songhai Empire)

  • Ability: Transcendance
  • Gain an extra action by defeating an enemy this turn.

Inline image 2

Guardian Class (Songhai Empire)

  • Ability: Goring Lance
  • Immediately destroy an enemy with 25% of max HP or less.
Inline image 3

Assassin Class (Lyonar Kingdom)

  • Ability: Twin Strike
  • Simultaneously strike 2 enemies within attack range.
Inline image 4

Guardian Class (Lyonar Kingdom)

  • Ability: Shield Wall
  • Adjacent allies receive ‘Blocking Wall’ defense.


Basically the game sounds like will be using units and spells to take opponent’s bloodborn general down.  You will be making your own squad with the maximum size of 25.  So what do these mean?  Well essentially, you are making 25 card size deck that contains spells and creatures/allies/troops.  Yes. there will be counter mechanics with interrupt.  Perhaps the main difference here from some of the other traditional dTCG/dCCG may be you have an element of moving your units around just like Faeria.

The game seems to be certainly interesting for those of us into dTCG/dCCG genre.  Some of the downside I am seeing include the lack of story/campaign mode.  In old days this was not an issue but with the introduction of HEX, there seems to be quite emphasis on the single campaign mode concept so lack of such seems a step back.

Graphics is another potential minus.  The arts are like anime quality and I think they are pretty good one.  But when it comes to the game interface, they look like dotted pixel art from super nintendo.  When they have such a great concept art, perhaps making the interface quality a bit higher standard would have been nice.

Overall, I think this is dCCG at its core and should interest anyone who is into the genre.  So check it out.


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