【Crushing Darkness】 Return of the Eye of Judgment?

Here is another kickstarter project that can be categorized under the dTCG/dCCG.  This time the game is unique compared to others with “Augmented Reality.”



If anyone familier with the game called Eye of Judgment, this game should really catch your eye and perhaps gave you the hope.

However, there is a big catch here.  This game is only designed to support augmented reality for the field i.e. background of the game.  Everything else will be digital i.e. all the cards are digital and there is no physical counter part.

What unique and made the Eye of Judgment attractive for me was not so much of the augmented reality but rather the system where your physical collection was playable against people all over the world (digitally) or other way to say is you have a digital game that you can collect physically.  The game was not free of an issue.  Printing cards allowed players to play the game without really owning the cards.  The scanning of the card was often problematic and I lost many games as card were not simply registered during the game.

In any event, Curshing Darkness is a nice technological demo but personally I cannot endorse this game at this time; however, this may be a sign that someone may be the beginning of new era Augmented Reality TCG.

Nonetheless, these guys do have skills!  So for those of you who wants to support people with potential, I think this group may deserve them.

Source: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/979861484/crushing-darkness-an-augmented-reality-trading-car


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