【HEX】Starter Decks

In case, you are trying to figure out which starter deck to choose, here are the full content of all four starter decks from the Cryptozoic’s official website.



Champion: Poca, The Conflagrater
Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl
Savage Raider
Ruby Aura
Arena Brawler
Te’talca, Orc Gladiator
Zombie Vulture
Throat Cutter
Shadowgrove Witch
Darkspire Priestess
Shamed Gladiator
Burn to the Ground
Veteran Gladiator
14 Ruby Shard
11 Blood Shard

The combat-crazed orcs are all about fighting to the bloody and bitter end, and this Starter Deck gives you taste of what it’s like to fight in the name of Kog’Tepetl, their mountain god. The orc deck comes out of the gates fast, and is backed by direct damage spells such as Burn to the Ground to finish the job. The orc’s two primary gems, ruby and blood, are present, and if your opponent allows you to amass a band of orcish raiders, they better be ready to survive the brutal Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl (although opponents rarely survive the feast).

Champion: Lady Elizabeth
Protectorate Clergyman
Shield Trainer
Kraken Guard Mariner
Adamanthian Scrivener
Righteous Paladin
Diamond Aura
Inner Conflict
Guard Dog
Phoenix Guard Aeronaut
Hero of Adamanth
Prophet of Lodegan
Phoenix Guard Scout
Lord Benjamin, The Wise
13 Diamond Shard
12 Sapphire Shard

The humans have persisted through one brutal attack after another in their fight against the underworld. Gather your forces, take to the skies, and soar through opposing troops and towards victory. Inspired by the power of the diamond and sapphire shards, this deck disrupts while it attacks in the air, giving you the power to overcome terrifying odds and frightening adversaries.

Champion: Bertram Cragraven
Construction Plans: Warhulk
Charge Bot
Sapper’s Charge
Droo’s Colossal Walker
Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine
Experimental War Hulk
Technical Genius
Researcher Adept
Research librarian
Oracle Song
Cavern Commando
Master Theorycrafter
War Machinist
13 Sapphire Shard
12 Ruby Shard

The smart but chaotic dwarves tinker and build anything that serves its ultimate goal of anarchy and destruction. The dwarven starter deck represents just that, with sapphire and ruby gems serving you in the creation of gadgets and gizmos that will lay waste to your opponent. Research the makings of powerful war hulks and weapons, then charge into battle and blow your opponents to bits!

Champion: Monika’shin
Command Tower
Bucktooth Commander
Rune Ear Commander
Shin’hare Militia
Moon’ariu Sensei
Runts of the Litter
Boulder Brute
Wild Growth
Blood Bearer
Wretched Brood
13 Wild Shard
12 Blood Shard

The many, the proud, the psychopathic. The Shin’hare are the Underworld’s example of how cute a horrific race of oppressive killers can be. Using Wild and Blood gems, the Shin’hare are capable of multiplying quickly. Once your troop numbers have reached the right size, give your army of death-bunnies some added oomph with your troop pumps to overrun your opponent in one or two quick attacks. Or, if making a big troop if your idea of a good time, feed all those freshly spawned Battle Hoppers to the Mushwocky. After all, that Mushwocky is probably* hungry.

*The Mushwocky is definitely hungry.



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