【Infinity Wars】 Power of the Parallel Universe

When I originally introduced this dTCG, I have talked about its potential based on the way the game is set up i.e. parallel universe.  The game has certainly showed its power quickly with continued addition of new factions rather than just cards.  In fact, the Elphie Coyle, CEO of Lightmare, has mentioned potential of adding other known franchise to the game as his potential goal.   Now I have had totally forgot about this.  Lightmare shown what it can do.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Infinity Wars

That’s right, lightmare had tied up with Star Trek franchize to bring this special Star Trek themed set.

This is not a core set; therefore, we will not be able to use in the competition/official tournament play; however, you can still use these along with core set cards for casual play.

This introduction I believe is just a tip of iceberg for the the game’s potential.



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