One of the main thing I love about dTCG/dCCG is constant refreshment with addition of new cards/mechanics.  Many games does the spoiler couple months before the new set release. Personally, I prefer them spoiling more earlier with smaller pieces.  I know we cannot use them yet, but it just keep our mind fresh, and excitement going.

The best model that I have seen is perhaps ones with Infinity Wars.  In any event, I don’t think HEX will be releasing Set.2 anytime soon but here is already a spoiler from the set.  Although it’s just one card, it is part of a cycle i.e. each shard will have their equivalent, so we can guess what they gonna be based on the theme of each shard.


The transform mechanics works really well with digital trading card game.  HEX developer says this is a game that is built for digital; therefore, there will be many mechanics that was not possible in the conventional physical format will set what this game apart from its counter part.

The transformation of card is one of the most obvious and perhaps the easiest example of such.  Simple token can readily be implemented with physical realm and indeed many uses them; however, the token can only do so much.  In fact radical change in card from its parent is probably nearly impossible unless you have specific token cards that have the detailed text.

However, in the digital realm this is natural.  The card can digitally transform into anything as we have already seen and the rule is easy to follow as once the card is transformed that is what we see in the game.

The dying troop leaving a action card is a form of transformation.  Conceptually, I see this is like a “will”.  A troop dies and he leaves his “will” in a form of action card.