【Infinity Wars】Ascension Set Presale Begins

Infinity Wars is a rather unique dTCG that utilized innovated simultaneous play system.  The game has a lot to offer and a great potential.  The only reason I did not list this as one of the big 3 dTCG is simply the developer is not a major company; otherwise, the game itself have as equal potential as the others.  New official core set, Ascension, presale begins today.

Hey, everyone!

If you don’t know already, here’s the preorder date!

Here’s the roadmap for the Ascension preorder sale. The bonuses are split into two categories. The first is based on the size of the pack you buy and the second set of bonuses are related to how many sets are purchased overall.

We’re planning on using this roadmap as a guide for future Infinity Wars presales so you know what to expect for next time.

Firstly – All pre-orders get plat borders [SHINY!]

Purchasing bonuses:

·         Purchasing is not cumulative (for instance buying two 25 packs does not equal a 50 pack).
·         Each higher level gets the rewards below it so if you buy a 50 pack you get the Battlefield Deck effect, the Angel of Virtue Alternate Art, the cardback, and the avatar.
·         All purchasing bonuses are not soulbound.
·         The alternate cardbacks are all different, no double ups in the rewards :)
·         Please note: unique items can only be activated once on each account. This includes avatars, cardbacks and the deck effect.

Buy 1 pack: Plat borders [shiny!]
Buy a 5 pack: Avatar
Buy a 10 pack: Cardback
Buy a 25 pack: Alternate art of Angel of Virtue
Buy a 50 pack: Battlefield Deck Effect

Stretch goal rewards.

·         To be valid for these bonuses you need to have purchased at least one pack of Ascension cards during the presale period. Both IP and LP purchases count towards this.
·         Stretch-goal bonuses are soulbound


1st milestone: Angelify alternate art
2nd milestone: Avatar
3rd milestone: Cardback
4th milestone: Radariah alternate art
5th milestone: Avatar
6th milestone: Cardback
7th milestone: Blister pack Plat Foils [again, shiny!]
8th milestone: Alternate Card art drawn by Infinity Wars Lead Designer Ian Underwood. [This card is to be determined by Lightmare Studios]

Angel of Virtue Alternate Art:

Angelify Alternate Art:

Radariah Alternate Art:

Pre-order rewards are not exclusive but they are extremely limited edition. At some point in the future they may be offered again – but don’t count on it.   :D

Get excited!

Any questions, feel free to ask


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