【HEX】Starter Deck Challenge is coming

One of the major feature that HEX is trying to set itself apart from other dTCGs are its campaign mode i.e. PvE.  It is hard to deny everything is concidental such that since the strong success of the HEX’s kickstarter, suddenly many dTCGs (pre-existed and new ones) are putting emphasis on the PvE aspect as well.  Now unfortunately, the PvE component of the game is still not here with us, and nothing ground breaking here.  In fact, it is perhaps just a PvE of what some other games claims as “single campaign mode”, but nonetheless, HEX is getting some starter deck challenge mode very soon.


Starter Trials
For every starter deck a player owns, they can enter a Starter Trial for free. This involves playing against the AI using their starter deck. The AI’s decks are thematically designed to be competitive with the specific starter deck they are using and get progressively harder throughout the Trial. After each victory, the player is rewarded with new cards to add to their existing starter deck and help them in their next challenge. At the end of the trial, the player gets to unlock an additional 15 cards to help their deck. A player does not have to play the games in succession and can come back to the Trial any time they want. A loss against the computer allows the player to replay that specific match until they win.

Alex is here to talk about why we did Starter Trials in the first place…

Alex Charsky:
Starter Trials started out with a very simple goal: how do we engage new players who just got into the game? These guys likely were not part of the Kickstarter and may not have any cards on their account beyond the initial free starter deck they received. They may or may not have experience with TCGs and they may or may not have anxiety playing against other players. They are also likely invested into making their initial starter deck better with cards they pick up for their collection.

I think this is a good placeholder, and definitely good feature to have; however, I hope this will not interfere with a potential of PvE driven tutorial on HEX.

By this I mean, TCG is hard to learn for new players no matter what.  The difficulty comes in because of the various aspect of the game mechanics.  But game like HEX, I see its potential of making a very simply tutorial campaign mode not like the ones already out there for other games, but rather story driven.

For example,

Very first stage, you can pretend a person suddenly dropped in the world of Entrath and given his own representation i.e. champion.  At this stage, give him a challenge to just use a champion and his ability to fight against something.

Second stage, have troops join.

Third stage, resource management.

And so on.

They can even talk about different types of the decks/archetype e.g. aggro, which is easy to learn and use for beginners.  Then later stage, show the control decks, and combo  decks.

I got a bit side tracked here, but I am welcoming any additional feature.




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