【Infinity Wars】New Set, New Faction

When I first saw the Infinity Wars, while it was still in closed Alpha, one of the first thing that struck me for its great potential is that in the game of Infinity Wars, there is no fundamental colors as in Magic, HEX, or Carte or fundamental classes as in WOW TCG, Shaodw Era.  Instead, Elphie Coyle said the game will continue to expand with new factions i.e. colors.  Such design makes the game versatile and allows separate faction to specialize in separate things, which makes new players especially easy to understand the core mechanics of the game as you choose a color, you know what the play style.  This new expansion is no exception to the rule.  They have added a new faction.

Hello Infinity Warriors,

The time has come. The Sleepers of Avarrach have Infested so much of reality, so many have been lost in the struggle and still we fight for our humanity and very existence. Our hopes, our dreams, our prayers….who will defend us?

We’ve been telling you to watch the skies for some time now. Miracles happen. Defense comes in a blinding light of swift justice and vengeance upon those who would threaten reality.

Enter The Overseers, a new faction being introduced in Ascension. What is their purpose? Why have they come? Only time will tell. Experience the story of Infinity Wars before your very eyes as we progress through the next few months.

Pre-orders for Ascension are now live! For full information on Pre-orders, bonuses, and the Overseers; follow this link and become enlightened. Make sure to check out all the incredible rewards that are within your grasp!


What else is happening? Holy puffy there’s so much polishing going on. A shiny new in-game GUI is coming, new lobby screens, all new in-game GUI assets, the deckbuilder is being looked at, so much stuff. ALL THE STUFF. The purpose of all this is that for a long time the “Quality of Life” portion of our beta hasn’t really been doing it’s job. It’s time to get our game up to snuff, and we hope you’ll join us for that journey.
Last but not least, join us on Twitch TV for spoiler and pre-order fun! 

Yours truly, Teremus, will be streaming some previews, hosting a party…who knows…maybe a spoiler or 5. You won’t know unless you join the party! Be there or be puffy.


Last but not least, if you’re interested in seeing the Alternate Artwork for the Angel of Virtue being drawn right before your very eyes and a preview of the theme music for The Overseers, you’ll want to click this:


Thanks for being a part of our Beta, without you none of this hard work would ever be possible. Infinity Wars owes so much to our great community, and we can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of the massive changes coming to the game in the next few months.

Media and Press inquiries: Marketing@lightmare.com.au
Account and Game Support: Support@lightmare.com.au

See you on the battlefield!

Community Creator
Infinity Wars/Lightmare Studios


Now I have not played Infinity Wars for a long time, so I am not sure if I have missed the actual preview of Overseer card, but based on the concept art, I am surmising these faction are primarily utilizing flight mechanics.  Infinity Wars have already had creatures that flew, so if this is indeed the theme, I am sure they have implemented some cool mechanics utilizing them.

The game is available for free to start and open beta status, and playing games will get you in game currency and earn free cards.  It is still only available on the desktop platform, but if you have not tried yet and still looking for some dTCG to play, this game certainly deserves its chance.


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