【HEX】 Scheduled big tournament is coming

The upcoming patch is adding three major features to the game.  One is the starter deck trials.  The second is scheduled tournament mode, which allows 128 players to participate.

Big Tournaments
Right now our tournaments max out at 8 players. With the next feature update we will be able to offer large, scheduled tournaments that can have up to 128 players. We are still evaluating exactly how often we want them to happen. Since we are still in Closed Beta with a limited amount of people, we have to be careful not to split people among too many tournament types. One thing we do know is that, at first, they will be Swiss and give out rewards based on number of wins.

The e-sport term seems somewhat a hype in dTCG world lately, but tournament like this make the game a potential for e-Sport.  I believe it is unlikely that the free weekly draft ticket as a part of kickstarter reward can be used for this entry just as in Sealed deck does not allow the use, but I hope I be wrong here because otherwise, getting 128 people tournament organized in a closed beta stage in scheduled fashion may be difficult.


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  1. Posted by Nova on June 4, 2014 at 3:10 am

    How to get a Beta Key? Im very interested. Who can tell me how to do ? Thz

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