【Infinity Wars】 Titan Mechanics

One of the most exciting part of the TCG/CCG is their continuous refreshment, which is only possible when the game introduces new mechanics.  With the recent release of new set (forth set/third expansion), Infinity Wars certainly introduces new mechanics.  One of the mechanics that caught my attention is “titan mechanics”.

Azael Temp

For those of you who have not played Infinity Wars, the cost appears on the left upper corner i.e. this card costs 35 to cast.  The players start with 100 health point, so attacking power of 25 does not end the game instantaneously but giving other characters Flying and Untouchable, without an immediate answer it can easily end the game within couple turns.

This massive character is called Titan cycle in the Ascension set, and each faction have one.

Oblivion. Ability – Magic
– 25 resources, reduced by 1 for each ability in the graveyard
– Destroy all cards in play (!), Opponent discards hand, 20/20 flying demon created.

Titan of the New World. Unique Character
– 25 resources, cost reduced by max resources
– Gains +2/2 for every character you control. Can only be killed through combat damage.

Zombie Abomination. Unique Character – Undead
– 25 resources, reduced by number of characters in the graveyard
– power and health are equal to the combined power and combined health respectively of all graveyard characters. When it leaves the battlefield, it brings all your characters back from the grave

Omnitron. Unique artifact – Artificial
– 20 resources, reduced by 1 for each artifact you own
– Shield 5, all artificials get +5/5, creates two 10/10 flying artificials at the end of the turn.

Avatar of Lingbao. Unique character – Spirit
– 30 resources, reduced by the amount of morale lost by opponent last turn.
– If in the defense at the start of the turn, opponent loses 20 morale. if it would die, it becomes exhausted instead

Hilderic, the Fist of Dawn
– 20 cost. Cost reduced for each of the characters that attacked the previous turn.
– While in the assault zone, all assault zone characters have +5/0

Tygrugh, the insane
– when he is on the field all cards your opponent has go to your hand at the end of the turn. cost 7, and will cost +1 more for every card in your hand
– 18/14
– 10 morale

Single Card Strategy Support

The cards like above are the ones that allow players to try build a deck type called Single Card Strategy, which falls under the combo archetype.

Example from Magic is below.

But for me the titan cycle Infinity Wars are more interesting as they are not just challenging players to ramp up their resources but also use the cost reduction component as a key driving strategy to allow these titans to be on the board.

These cards remind me more of Master Heroes from World of Warcraft TCG.

As an additional cost to play, destroy any number of cards you control. You pay 5 less to play Deathwing for each card destroyed this way.
Assault 5
At the start of your turn, target opponent destroys two card he control.


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