【HEX】Scheduled Tournament

The latest patch will add scheduled big tournament with big prizes.  So what’s the entry fee?  What’s the prizes?

HEX Mesa


A scheduled tournament is a tournament between 16 and 128 players that happens at a specific time (as opposed to 8 person queues that happen whenever there are 8 interested people). Scheduled tournaments are 4 rounds and award prizes based on the number of match wins you get in the tournament. They also use Swiss pairings to determine the matchups (more on Swiss later).

Our current plan is to open up constructed tournaments with no entry fees and monitor the stability of these tournaments. They will have the following prizes:

  • 4 wins: 15 packs and 30,000 gold.
  • 3 wins: 7 packs and 15,000 gold.

We decided not to charge entry fees for these tournaments, because they represent a significant time investment from our players. We want to make sure that they have a high completion rate before we start charging for them. To avoid having players sign up for free sealed tournaments and dropping after receiving their 6 boosters, we will not offer these initially. If we did, the amount of drops during the tournament would not give us any meaningful testing data.

When we are happy with the stability of free scheduled constructed tournaments, we’ll add entry fees and the following rotation:

  • Every 4 hours a Scheduled constructed tournament will start.
  • Every 4 hours a Sealed Pack tournament will start.
  • Sealed and Constructed will alternate their schedule every 2 hours. In other words: a scheduled tournament will happen every 2 hours and the format will alternate back and fourth.
  • As we create more formats, we may add them into the scheduled tournament rotation.

Once we are happy with the stability of the scheduled tournaments, we’ll distribute VIP codes from the Kickstarter campaign and introduce a new scheduled tournament type: VIP tournaments.

  • These will happen on the last weekend of every month. We may add VIP tournaments on other weekends if there is more demand (tell us on the forums).
  • VIP tournaments will require a VIP entry ticket and an entry fee to participate.

There will be a few tournaments scheduled to accommodate different time zones, but in practice a VIP subscriber will only be able to play in one tournament per month.
When these tournaments go live, we’ll audit the existing VIP subscribers and retroactively grant them VIP tournament tickets that they missed (because the system wasn’t up and running). While they have those tickets, subscribers will have the opportunity to play in multiple VIP tournaments.

Finally, when all of this is running smoothly, we’ll schedule the tournament for Pro Players. This format is waiting on a few more features (all of which are in the works). Specifically these are:

  • Ability to play N rounds based on tournament attendance.
  • Ability to produce discrete standings using tiebreakers.
  • Ability at the end of Swiss rounds to take the Top 8 players in the standings and start a new 8 person single elimination tournament (top 8 cut).

Of course, we’ll give you plenty of notice for the Pro Player tournament to adequately plan for it.

In this first phase of scheduled tournament implementation, basically it is 4 rounds play with participants number between 16-128 and happens daily every four hours.  The prizes look like limited for those who can win 3 or 4 games, but the prizes are big with 7 or 15 booster packs, respectively.

Furthermore, in this early phase, there is no entry fee.  The format will be constructed.  Though it won’t be easy to win 3 or 4 games out of 4 total games especially in a constructed format where those who have more cards have definite advantage, given there is zero entry cost, we have nothing to lose other than a time.  In fact, time is lost only because we will have a fun while playing the tournament.

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