【Shadow Era】Resource Ramp Mechanics

One of the reason why I personally like the dTCG/dCCG with dedicated resource card is so that the game gives opportunity for players to manage their own resources.  Shadow Era uses what I call sacrifice based resource system (SBRS).  Since there is no specific resource type card in this game, there was a minimal resource management other than the decision of whether to sacrifice a card to add a maximal resource or not.  However, the latest expansion, Shattered Fate, added ways of resource ramp in Shadow Era.  Let’s take a look.

As you can see here, these two cards essentially provide a resource ramp but in a different way based on the class theme.

Perhaps I may have missed one, but a bit surprised that they have not yet introduced cards that gives a special effect when used as a sacrifice for resource.

For example,

When this card is placed in the resource pile, draw a card.

Anyways, basically it shows that despite the use of SBRS, it is still possible to make some resource specific mechanics.  For those of you who are not familiar with Shadow Era, it is a dTCG with physical card game counter part.  It is available on iOS and Android but the major sales point (in my opinion) is the cost.  You can readily complete the entire play set of card in this game for $50.  Considering its relative depth, this price point is unbeatable.


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