【HEX】Auction House

With the most recent patch, the highly anticipated feature to allow players exchange their cards or other in game items have also arrived.  This is still beta, or perhaps alpha; nonetheless, this was a must have feature.

How is this implemented in HEX?

So idea here is to have a in-game Ebay for all the HEX items.  As far as I know, no other dTCG has this level of auction house inside the game.  For example, Magic just has a Craigslist like posting, which is active only during the player is online.  Shadow Era has a AI that buys and sells card i.e. centralized market controlled by the developer.

There are various filters, the items can be posted with expiration e.g. 48 hours.  The selling item can have both starting bid price and buy it now price.  Also, there are already many cards/items selling on both gold (currency that obtainable from in game play, which is currently limited to tournament play), and platinum, which is in game currency that is a direct representation of money i.e. 100 platinum = US$1.  This is a good sign as the PvE players have a potential to buy PvP card without spending a dime if they so desire.

What’s missing?

All sounds great but there seems to be several bugs/missing features, which I am certain will be fixed with the future patches.  But followings are some of the features that seem to be missing.

  • Filter/Search not functioning.  Although specific card search functions, searching all result in only first page item displayed. [Bug]
  • No maximum bid setting.  Those who are familiar with Ebay knows that this is a critical feature.
  • Out bidding will receive in game message but no way to forward to actual email i.e. must log in to check.
  • Out bidding message has no direct link to the item, nor My bids list does not keep the item that I have been outbidded i.e. technically no convenient way of knowing the item I just lost.
  • No history of recently finished items.
  • No option of batch sales i.e. 4x commons or even a whole deck.
  • No option to set both platinum and gold prices.


This is a phenomenal addition to the game, and perhaps never seen feature in other dTCG even though they appear as should be standard feature for any dTCG.  However, there are many missing pieces and current version is still hard to use but it is for sure to improve with future patches.

As far as actual purchase/selling, the prices are not fluctuating/unstable just because new set but because there is no precedence, nobody truly knows the actual value of each item.  Gold to platinum ratio is also uncertain as currently the only way to obtain the gold is to play through tournament.  For now, I think its safer to assume most cards/items are overpriced with platinum, but may be some are cheaper than what will be with gold.  Though these are just my guess.

Now I did not include free trade i.e. trading between your friends without going through auction house as the part of missing feature because it is technically not a part of the auction house, but certainly a feature that needs to be implemented, and indeed planned to be implemented in the future.





One response to this post.

  1. Posted by John on July 6, 2014 at 7:12 pm

    I never thought about the idea of selling entire decks, i wonder if they will add that. “Deck that top in so or so tournament” might sell better than singles. AH will only get better in time.


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