【HEX】Beta codes and “Packs and Draft” codes Give away

I have received couple more beta invitation code as well as a few “packs and draft” codes.  I will be giving these away for free just as before.

This time though I am going to distribute this across both Japanese and English blogs of my own.  What I ask for is comments on my blog.  I will try to give a way like one per week for next a few weeks.  So during each period, I will select a blog comment that have some content whether they are disagreeing with my post  is not a major decision factor, but I will certainly choose a post that says “I disagree with your post on this article because ….” over “I love your blog.”  As the latter has no true content to it; although, I like the compliment. 🙂

Basically, I am using these gift from Cryptozoic to boost interaction on my blog even though they are for the short term.


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  1. Awesome, I hope I can get one!


  2. Posted by Weipeng Huang on July 6, 2014 at 11:11 am

    Hi, HoushaSen,

    Some random thoughts about dTCG I’ve ever played (not in particular order),

    – The most thing I dislike about Shadow Era was its first strike combat rule. Maybe you could talk more about this? (and this is the very reason why I mostly play Hearthstone recently. It’s more hard to come back in SE if you lose board control)

    – About hero ability in both Shadow Era and Hearthstone, the HS approach was sure simpler, but I thought that it’s as deep as SE’s shadow energy system, just not the same way. Why? Because in HS, the player need to balance the resources between board control and hero ability. They need to make CHOICE. But in SE, it’s (nearly) always good to use your hero ability if you could. There is no choice to use resource playing a spell or activating hero ability.

    – About DIP vs. PTB, Mark Rosewater once talked this topic regarding why Level Up is in sorcery speed. ‘Cause if Level Up was in instant speed, the player would ALWAYS level up their creatures at the end of opponent’s turn. There is no choice. It’s a very good debate. See the article here, http://archive.wizards.com/Magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/mm/85

    – Oh, though seems simpler game system, SolForge was indeed very deep. Just not in traditional way. The more I play, the more I appreciate its elegant design. (but there are other things I dislike in SolForge, mostly price scheme and unbalanced card power in different rarity).


    • Posted by houshasen on July 6, 2014 at 8:19 pm

      I have not played Shadow Era for a while, but I agree that it was difficult to come back once you lose board control. I am not sure if this has changed with expansions though.

      In regards to Hero’s power, I agree with you the Hearthstone’s hero power cost being the actual mana itself is a great resource flood solution, and giving significant tactical power to the ability.

      Shadow Era’s hero’s ability are very powerful and often can be a game changer with appropriate use.

      I had hoped that HEX’s champion had as powerful ability as Shadow Era’s heroes or allowed multiple use during a single turn so charging champion means much more than a little extra move.

      As far as the Rosewater’s article about level up, I had not read the article before but I remember playing the Zendikar block. It is interesting that even though what appears such minute difference i.e. allowing instant speed vs. sorcery speed, the overall strength and balance change so much. Obviously, this is not an issue with PTB games.

      Lastly, about the Solforge. For whatever reason, I just could not get myself into the game. But my friend, who has been an avid MTG player since alpha, really liked the game, and he said the game has more depth than many thinks. With the deck reshuffling/recycling, the moves you make affects future in very different way from the other games so yes. I can see the game has much more depth. In theory, HEX’s permanent effects are somewhat similar in concept, I guess.

      I see you have very interesting points, and certainly appear to have a similar interest as myself. I hope you keep posting. 🙂


      • Posted by Weipeng Huang on July 7, 2014 at 1:31 pm

        So could I get my HEX beta key? LOL.

        I’m just curious how HEX implement DIP in UI aspect. It’s such a pain waiting for your opponent’s permission for everything. I though Magic: DotP did a good job here. But still not as flowing as other PTB based dTCG. It’s the price of DIP system.

        Another interesting thing: HEX use DIP system as Magic. AT THE SAME TIME, use the same combat rule as Magic. The only PTB based TCG using Magic combat rule I could think was Magic: Portal sets. Such an awful and dumb game. Other PTB based games mostly used different combat rule as far as I know.

        I hadn’t play many TCG. But I thought that the WoW/Shadow Era/Hearthstone combat rule made a very dynamic and flow interaction between players, and redeemed the drawback of PTB system.

    • Posted by houshasen on July 7, 2014 at 3:05 pm

      Check your Email for beta code. When a game uses DIP in digital world, it is inevitable to have unnecessary “pass priority” clicks. Unfortunately, HEX has nothing special to overcome this other than making some automatic abilities not entering into the chain.

      Trap/Secret type of card as in Yu Gi Oh is certainly one way of providing some interactive feeling but event based trigger are still attacker’s control rather than true control on the defender side (at least in my opinion).


  3. Hey there I never saw your blog before but that Giveaway certainly made me look at it. Since honestly i really want a key. I will look into your blog and maybe feature it in one of my online storys.. of course only if I enjoy what I see. At any othe rpoint I would LOVE a beta key. and hope I am qualified to finally have the chanze to play HEX:


  4. Posted by Cielo on July 9, 2014 at 7:24 am

    Hi, I found your blog when googling “the best DCG”. Then I saw this post and said to myself “why don’t I have a try?” 😛

    I enjoy playing strategic card games and board games, including digital ones because usually it’s not easy to find enough friends for a virtual version.
    For DCG, I’ve played Elements, Cabals, Shadow Era, Assassin’s Creed: Recollection, Hearthstone, Forgotten Myths, Solforge etc.

    Elements is a webpage-based card game (elementsthegame.com). It is good because other than PvP, we can also play PvE where AI uses decks submitted by other players (this implies that we can submit decks too :P). To make it more challenging, AI has extra HP, resource and drawing power than players.
    But there is only one dev, and the game is totally free to play. So the dev can only get money from donation instead of in-game purchase. As a result there is no update for too long.

    Cabals is more like a chess than other TCG. But deck-building is still very important. I like it very much.

    ACR: Recollection is very special because the play is dynamic. Sadly it’s not in appstore any more.

    I saw your posts on Forgotten Myths(FM) and I want to discuss about some points.
    First, the “5 cards hand” does solve lack of mana to some extent but there are still chances when we couldn’t get enough energy cards – by “enough” I mean at least one per turn. Typically we have 2x +3 energy and 9 or 10x +2 energy cards in a 40-card deck. And mana flood also happens from time to time.
    Another con of this “5 cards hand” is that the meta game is rush. Because playing more low-cost cards on one turn leads to more drawing power on the next. The average card cost of a competitive deck is usually below 3 or even 2.5. This makes many “powerful” high-cost cards no so useful as they seem to be.

    Second, I agree to you in that “+1 energy is inferior to +2 ones”. But we had a tourney last month where everyone can only use common cards in decks. +1 energy is common and +2 energy is uncommon. lol

    Third, there is no “unicolor restriction” in deck anymore. There are 5 basic colors and a neutral color now. Each basic color has 2 friendly colors. Mono and duo-color decks are allowed. But energy cards are still colorless. And the devs are working on a new color which is friendly to all 5 basic colors now.

    Fourth, the cost of FM is really low. Some players can build very competitive PvP decks without spending any money. This is much better than many other games like Cabals and Solforge.

    Last but not least, the feature I like most in FM is the in-game chat: we can chat with all online players in “general chat”, and with guild members in “guild chat”, also with PvP opponent in “battle chat”. This makes the game community more social and active.

    The devs said that they would put FM on steam after they fix the bugs which are the main cause of a very limited amount of players.

    P.S: Omg I just noticed the juxta guy replied to your post advertising his guide. lol
    I started playing FM before he posted that but I agree that the guide is very helpful to new players.


    • Posted by houshasen on July 11, 2014 at 8:19 pm

      Do you still need a beta code?

      If you do, please reply with email (should be hidden) to public as long as you use the field.


      • Got the Email. That you replied to my comment. Not sure If that was wrong kind of hard to understand WordPress system. But I really enjoy TCCGs and I would be really grateful for it.

        BTW I have read a couple of your articles I especially love the ones you wrote offer IW

      • Posted by Cielo on July 12, 2014 at 1:07 pm

        Yes I need a code.
        Sorry I’m still confused about WordPress too. I’m not sure if you can see my email this time.
        Thank you!

  5. I am a die-hard player of card games, physical and digital. I play Magic, Solforge, Hearthstone, Infinity Wars, Duel of Champions, Shadow Era, Scrolls, etc. And Hex really seems to be an innovative take on the genre, I would already have tried if if not for the the currently limited access. I would thank you a lot indeed if you could get me a beta key.


  6. Posted by Mitchelos on July 16, 2014 at 3:00 am

    still got a spare key for me missed kickstarter 😦 really want to play ever since


    • Posted by houshasen on July 16, 2014 at 7:46 pm

      Sorry beta keys are gone for now, but other sites are also giving out and they get many more than I get. Keep eyes on the twitter.


  7. Posted by Anonymous on September 9, 2014 at 1:08 pm

    Hope I can get one as well.


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