【HEX】 Unlimited player constructed tournament….

Yesterday, Cryptozoic attempted to hold a constructed tournament that has no limit for number of players.  It was free for entry, prizes were there, and also had a chance to play against development team, in which case, you had bonus prizes.  How did it go?

The initial plan was to start the tournament 1PM US pacific standard time.  Many players had issue getting into the tournament, including myself.  So the development team pushed the start time to 1:30 PM.  I still could not get into the tournament.  They pushed to 2 PM, and started the tournament despite many still could not get in, again including myself.

After the tournament initiation, apparently the games crushed.

Essentially the tournament did not happen, and many players wasted their time though some good spirited individuals claimed the experience was still fun… for whatever it means.

We know Cryptozoic is very generous company and their motto is “fans first”.  So it was predictable, but what they decided is to give something to those who were online during that period of time yesterday.  Those will be distributed by Monday.

Hey everyone,

The bad news: the tournament crashed and burned. The good news: we were able to get a significant amount of data on the tournament server. We also got a list of everyone who was online, so on Monday we’ll send those accounts a little something for putting up with us for 2 hours.

If you were relogging and believe you should have gotten this (but end up not getting it on Monday), we’ll need to you open up a ticket at support.hextcg.com.

Source: http://forums.cryptozoic.com/showthread.php?t=37255&page=7


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