【HEX】 Set 2. Spoiler ~ Charge Power to Next Level ~

More parameters in the game, more potential for the game to utilize them as a new dedicated mechanics.  HEX has a charge power for champion’s, and not surprisingly they are taking this mechanics to the next level already in the upcoming set.

Storm Cloud HEX TCG

Bittybolt HEX TCG

Splashy HEX TCG

Thunderpuff HEX TCG

First of all, I love these arts.  Now if a game has arts like these for everything then that may not be a complete taste of mine as that (biased opinion) makes me feel the game is for more younger audience than myself but occasional card with these art are great (again in my opinion).

Also, the random mechanics are usually not my favorite as they seem to further increase the randomness in the game but somewhat controlled randomness is completely different.  In this case, you have a power to control how many of Stormling you produce i.e. statistics will still give you randomness but part of them you have a control.  For this reason, I actually like this type of randomness.

However, what’s most interesting about this card is the use of Charge power outside of Champion’s ability.  In HEX, charge power is something you get when playing a resource card but also there are few Set 1 card that give you extra charge power outside of the resource card.  This is possible because essentially charge power is NOT equal to the resource count.  This is just a tip of iceberg but I believe great introduction and confirmation that “charge power” are not just for your champion!


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