【HEX】 Stories are building up

Thanks to one of official forum member for summarizing these.  Here are a few points in regarding to HEX’s story by Michael Kirchoff.

Michael Kirchoff stops by the Child’s Play stream and drops some Hex lore info

Crossposted from reddit:

Michael had some updates on the Hex lore for us. He was on between 1 and 1:30 PM PDT on the stream, hopefully there will be a highlight video up soon.

  • He’s been working for months now on the lore and dungeons that tell the story of Hex. There will be a central spine of related dungeons that advance the story as well as many stand-alone secondary dungeons to explore.
  • When asked to describe one of the dungeons we’ll be seeing, he talked about an early dungeon that is geared towards newer players that may not be familiar with TCGs. It’s not just a simple walkthrough however. Dialogue decisions you make throughout the dungeon will impact how the final encounter plays out. Get your roleplaying hats on!
  • They have several expansions planned to explore the world of Entrath. We’ll begin in one half of one continent and from there we will travel the entire world as well as do some off-world adventuring over the course of these expansions.
  • The Hex novel will hopefully be out around the time Set 2 releases as it has key characters from Set 2 in it. He had many good things to say about Christie Golden and her dedication and desire to dig deeply into the Hex lore to write a wonderful story.
  • We will see the return of Lord Benard L. Dunthorpe and his sidekick Sir Silas as they file journal entries which will serve as an ever expanding monster manual. These will appear on the website and they would like to have them resume around the time PvE is released.
  • Goblins are mainly a PvE race at this point and are (in D&D terms) chaotic evil. He also confirmed that the demonic ninja kittens detailed in Kickstarter update 12 will be a PvE thing as well.
  • Did I mention there are demonic ninja kittens?
  • He talked a bit about the Primals and how there are Primals of concepts such as Prosperity and Lust. Titania is the Primal that is pictured on Eye of Creation.


Thank you goes to AswanJaguar.


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