Well worth a watch (9:55:00 @ http://www.twitch.tv/hextcg/b/553715231), but for those without the time:

> One of the biggest challenges was & is building engine from scratch; why somethings much more work than might guess.
> Pippits = vanity versions of staff, because they are awesomely whimsical.
> Story behind Silver Talon Senator one-day (the wizard is its mount!).
> Never underestimate impact of failing to add new content – do want a set every 3 months.
> Want to do non-standard formats at particular times, not in parallel to standardized.
> Lore guides will be narrators, raid bosses, combat allies, etc. in PvE.
> Design space “an embarrassment of riches”.
> Huge focus readying for new version of unity.
> Cockatwice flavour text by Cory, probably not appropriate…
> Cory would be tempted to play a very strong human inspire theme after set 2.
> Time Step Wizard – sapphire troop (cost 4, 2/2 or 3/2), voids a card then returns it to play.

> Trading initially going to be mailing, not escrow (your offer vs their offer).
> Have overcome technical hurdle of where things exist between your account & other players.
> Will be relatively soon.

Open Beta
> Tutorial first.
> Very much want to get more people in.
> Learnt much about handling more people from recent failed tournament.
> Does worry about impact on community – hopes established community can steer ship.

Shirts & Posters
> Did not sell many shirts, despite all the attention they received.
> Consequently, doesn’t think posters will fly off the shelves – surprised if sell out.
> Guesstimated price $30 – still waiting to receive costs back from printers, though.

> Some dungeons break away from TCG gameplay.
> Would love to work non-TCG games in to Hex, e.g. dungeons that are boardgames, Pippet games.
> Group that works just on PvE.
> Cory hopes “fairly soon after” set 2 for PvE.
> Scripting 80% of set easy, 10% twice as hard, 5% twice as hard again, final 5% the slowest.

New AI
> Is complete, though Chris still wants to fine-tune – 2 version in, in dev.
> “Relatively soon.”
> Chris tempted to enter it in to tournament, to see if can play AAA level.
> Only at highest setting though – it won’t always be told to play as hard as it can!
> People will be surprised at its understanding.

Drafts with set 2
> Went back & forth a million times – believes split is two of set 2 and one of set 1.
> There won’t be set 1 drafts any longer – want to avoid fracturing.
> Prize packs will have the same pattern of prizes (66% set 2, 33% set 1).

> Lethal = combat damage destroys troops.
> Cory seemed to be nodding when asked if lethal + swiftstrike wins without taking damage.
> Skyguard = able to block flying troops.
> Tunnelling = a very digital-only mechanic, wants Ben to give a full write-up.

Starter Decks
> There will be set 2 starters – Cory wants starters for every set.
> Serve as safety nets & starting points for new players.

Pre-Release Events
> Doesn’t think they will be able to have pre-release for set 2.
> Want to do pre-release weekends; tournaments, drafts of only that set.
> If choice is set 2 on time or set 2 + pre-release, the set will take priority.

> Are more gems, Cory not sure if coming with set 2 or block 2.
> For PvP they will be rotating gems in & out.
> For PvE, they may or may not ever rotate gems.
> Want to have PvE-only gems, that have to be unlocked.
> Cory has played with gem-slot cards that are not troops…

> Will be more champions.
> Again, not sure/decided if with set 2 or block 2.
> Not a huge number – 4 or 6.
> Will eventually rotate some out, like gems.

> Blocks will normally be 3 sets, but initially set 1 & 2 = block 1 and set 3 & 4 = block 2.

GenCon Drafts
> Hope to run another set after last scheduled set.
> Likely to sell on the floor, so that tickets don’t go to the same people online.
> Know lots of attendees who haven’t gotten any yet.

Full Set 2 Spoiler
> Will be one, week(s) before.
> Assuming don’t have pre-release – if do have event, then will leave as surprises for that weekend.
> If do have pre-release event, will go silent on spoilers before-hand.

Treasure Chests
> Chest will be open-able before/with PvE.
> Chests will have exclusive mercenaries, sleeves & alternative art cards.
> Chests will not have exclusive equipment for cards gotten elsewhere (would have been annoying).

Loot Tables
> Broad loot tables, shared across multiple dungeons.
> Don’t want to be too wide so as to make unfarmable.

> Cory drew attention to equipment boxes in deck builder.
> Future UI will have option to view by equipment.
> Needs of deck + cards + equipment + equipment slot = decision making.
> Champions & mercenaries an extra dimension.

> Not the reason for Dragon’s Blood delay.
> “Low-hanging fruit”, but not top development priority + development not linear.
> Double-Back redesigned with new card frames.
> Double-Back represents a lot of work.
> Foil card treatment much improved by next version of unity.
> Gated not just by development time, but everything else going on.
> “Further down the pipeline” than PvE.
> Cory does feel guilty that people will be playing & not getting their card achievements/XP, but had to make a judgement not to delay everything else for it.

Dragon’s Blood Starter Deck
> Is done, just needs text.

Collector’s AA Cards
> Waiting on interface to deliver them.

GenCon Promos
> Cards being put in game, by last build before GenCon.
> Chris was working on obtaining them in-game, but thinks did not succeed…

Community Manager
> Needs to be a true believer (99th percentile).
> Knows community manager a terribly hard job.
> Interviewing a candidate on Monday.