【HEX】Set.2 ~ Resource Cards ~

This is a sort of thing I like about the card games where there is dedicated resource type card.  It was 100% predictable move since the day we figured out the fact the HEX uses dedicated resource card, but here they are, “dual shard resources.”

Dual Shards

Here it is!  They will have all 10 combination of dual shard.  Because of its design, HEX resource cards have four parameters to play around with.  Therefore, unlike Shard of Fate which allows you to gain a threshold of any basic resource card in your deck, these card do give “a charge”.  Perhaps, subtle appearing difference but Set.2 should give us more appreciation to the “charge powers”.

So will we still have resource screw after these?  The time will tell.

Double Charge

 photo SET2CracklingVORTEX_zps66002250.jpg

We got it! We got our first rare rarity resource card.  This card will double charge and still give us immediate use resource as well as of course the maximum resource increase.  What’s the catch?  Well, you won’t get any threshold.  But again, this is what HEX resource card design allow.  There seems to be flexibility on design these cards since there are four parameters they can manipulate around and balance around.



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