【HEX】Set.2 Champions Deciphered?

One of the forum member cracked the code from the current client and figured upcoming champions in Set 2.  These are not officially announced and so far nobody confirmed their accuracy, but we know 5 new champions are coming in Set 2.  So let’s take a look.


Bunoshi the Ruthless
ShinHare, Male, Warlock
[BLOOD], [3]: Target troop gains permanent \”When this troop is destroyed, all other troops you control get -1[DEF]\”

Daughter of Stars
Coyotle, Female, Mage
[SAPPHIRE], [3]: Return target troop you control to your hand.

Sir Giles Rowan
Human, None?, Warrior
[RUBY], [4]: Name a race. Troops you control of that race gain permanent +1[ATK].

Rutherford Banks
Human, Male, Priest
[DIAMOND], [8]: Return target troop from your graveyard to play. It gets permanent +1[ATK]/+1[DEF].

Warmaster Fuzzuko
ShinHare, Male, Warrior
[WILD], [3]: Troops you control get +1[ATK]/+1[DEF] this turn.


One of the major emphasis on the Set 2 is boosting of the use of charge powers.  This means gaining them has also become easier with appropriate deck design. So it sounds like champions may play more critical role on some of the decks.

These champions are rather very interesting in my opinion.

Daugter of Stars seem to work well for those cards that have upon play ability including inspire effect, and of course new tunneling.

Sir Gile Rowan is also conceptually interesting as his ability supports tribal deck.

Rutherford has a potential on recursion deck type.

Fuzzuko looks good for swarm deck.

Bunoshi’s ability can be used to wipe some of the rush deck and swarm decks.

Basically, each one of them look to have their place.  The existing champions are also worth taking a second look when we can start using their abilities every so often rather than once or twice during the game.  Since champion is one of a feature that HEX is different from some of its competition such as Magic, I am grateful and looking forward to see this mechanics become more critical portion of the game play.


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