【HEX】Unlimited participant tournament today!

Last time the tournament did not go quite the way it was supposed to.  So they are trying again.  Obviously, since this is a testing, Cryptozoic is offering this tournament for free but with prizes.


Hi HEXers! We wanted to announce that we’re running another Free Constructed Challenge this Saturday, August 30th, at 12 PM Pacific (19:00 GMT) [Worldclock].

Cost – Zero platinum (FREE!)

  •     4 Wins – 12 Shards of Fate packs, 20,000 gold
  •     3 Wins – 6 Shards of Fate packs, 10,000 gold
  •     2 wins – 2 Shards of Fate packs, 5,000 gold
  •     1 Win – 1 Shards of Fate pack

This tournament has no player cap. That means everyone can play! We’re looking to test tournaments larger than 128 players, and we’re also testing server load with those tournaments. HEX Entertainment staff will also be in the queue and ready to challenge worthy opponents! Should you meet any of them on the fields of battle, they’ll give you a store code for 3 packs and a draft ticket, win or lose. BAM! So, come help us out and win some prizes too. Thanks!

The last trial failed with many players were not able to get into the tournament, and those who went in were not able complete the game.  But it is Crytpozoic, they gave all the players who were logged in during the time free construct tournament entry ticket x 3, and one daily (128 man) tournament entry ticket.

The best would be to have the tournament work the way it supposed to, but if not they will still likely provide us something for free.  So if you have a time, just log in during the time and give a try since there is nothing to lose.


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