【Infinity Wars】Public Launch

Now a days, it seems like a standard to have many new online games to be called “beta” and goes on for years.  dTCG are no exception.  However, this time Infinity Wars decided to lift the “beta” tag and going to official release.

Howdy Rift Runners,

We would like to announce to you loyal fans that the ‘Gold’ release date for Infinity Wars will be September the 3rd, 2014. You’re going to want to read on, this is gonna get good.

What does this mean?

Well it actually means a lot of things. What’s in this little section here hardly scratches the surface.

However, in terms of this section, it means that the ‘beta’ tag will be removed from the game. That is all this means. We will not stop developing the game or bringing new features in, we want to reassure every one of that. We will continue to work hard to improve and grow Infinity Wars from this point. We have some really great things coming in the future that we want you to get excited for.

Why are you going Gold now?

We believe that the game is strong enough to stand on its own without hiding behind the crutch of the Beta tag while we continue to develop content and features for Infinity Wars.

We’re a small indie studio, with an extreme amount of passion. Unfortunately passion doesn’t fix everything. Our size (or lack thereof) will always play a part in the decisions we make and the timeframe it takes for things to happen.

So, as a company, we have decided that now is the right time to remove that tag. With the game in (mostly) proper working order, the game is ready to bring your friends to as we continue to work on everything that’s necessary while continuing to improve the game every single day.

Why aren’t you doing massive release marketing through normal channels?

One of the things we’ve learned from the various advertising strategies (and we have tried many of them), is our game really is tailored for the mid to hardcore audience. We work hard to increase the spectrum of gamers this title could appeal to, but from the metrics shown from mainstream gaming coverage, the best thing we can do now is target gamers like yourselves.

As such we have targeted advertising and marketing being rolled out, but this game will grow best from us bringing our TCG mates into a working game, hosting tournaments, and continuing to balance cards and bring new exiting content and mechanics into the game.

Are my rankings going to be reset once Gold happens?

Short answer? No. Long answer? In the beginning, we had said that when the game went Gold, we would reset rankings. We have decided not to do that at this current time. The reasoning behind this is… *points to the next section* (No really, look down.)

What about the future?

Our next major milestone of version 1.5 focuses on the following, and we’re starting work on this project once we confirm all the major bugs are squashed:

Best of 3 matches
Server Hosting for matches

We have a hopeful timeframe for these of within 6 months of going Gold, but we cannot make any promises on that just yet. Our priority will still be on ensuring a smooth major bug free experience ongoing. We simply wanted to give you a roadmap that these are the things we’re starting work on as we speak.

We have decided to not reset any rankings until these modes are implemented into Infinity Wars as it wouldn’t be right to reset anything prior to the formats/concepts themselves changing.

Get excited, there is some seriously great stuff coming!

The future also holds more sets, more cards & more Puffing Puffy than you can Puff a Puffy with!

The future for Infinity Wars looks bright, and we have you guys, the amazing players and community to thank for it. You help us, on a daily basis, shape Infinity Wars into the amazing game that it’s becoming.

Thank you all for being a part of Infinity Wars. See you on the battlefield!


As you can see from above, the game still seem to lack several of the major features.  Also, taking away “beta” status tag gives general public the idea the game is now full blown and any issues may be seen as more serious matter.  Though some hardcore gamers believe that beta means already analogous to the full release anyway.

Although I have not played this game for awhile, I still believe this is one of the best dTCG in the market right now and has a lot of potential.  So I truly hope by going gold/full release, the game gains more momentum and allows the small Indy company to put more resource into the game and accelerates the overall development.


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