【Kickstarter】Spirit Siege

There is a kickstarter project that has a mixed element of “dTCG/dCCG” and RTS. As usual, I have not played this game so it is all based on what I see.

Simple and Quick

The game claims 5 minutes strategy game.  This game indeed appears simple and quick to play.

Not so traditional

At the quick glance, the game may be simple to play and quick to play.  However, it is by no means classic dTCG/dCCG.

The game’s resource system seems to be linked to actual time i.e. the resource builds up as you wait.  You do draw cards so there is our beloved card game element with randomness and collectable components.

The game however differs mainly from many other so I call “classic” dTCG/dCCG because it has the strong positional element.  Where you place the unit matters so much to the point this game has the element of table strategy game like “Go.”


It is undeniable that the game looks simple and they advertise such; therefore, the way the game currently is perhaps lack the enough depth support for “hard core” gamers, whatever the definition for it is.

However, that does not mean the potential for the depth is not there.

I can easily see as the game expands in the future they can add more type of cards including:

Geographical structure/Terrain – Not a direct attacking unit but in this game the geography matters so anything that can change it seem to provide potential strategy.  For example, building a tower or defensive wall around your orb?

Trap – How about creating a trap? Since this is real time strategy and positioning matters so much, how about having a card that you place a trap secretly and opponent playing their card on the field get some negative effect.

Resource boost: How about a ways to boost your resource?

Magic card: How about a card that directly attacks target unit but only for one use.  How about something that heals a weakening unit, or perhaps leveling them up?

Though potential seems to be there, if the company’s goal is to keep the game simple and quick, the game remain such and anything that prolongs the game or makes more complex may not be added.


Price is point of unknown factor.  What is the deck size, how many card we need to complete a play set, how often the expansion.  All these will lead to the overall cost of the game.  As usual, the game without a biggest brand name will need to make this balance right to prosper.

Not for hardcore

Unless above listed things or something similar to be added to the game, I see this game is not for gamers who like deep strategy i.e. ponder about one move, try to play control style etc.

Art style may also be a potential factor some may dislike but other may love.  The current art style used are Western animation style, which reminds me of games like Urban Rivals.  Though there are certainly audience for those games, the art style and simplicity of the game play don’t quite attract some of the core gamers.


This is an interesting addition to the dTCG/dCCG world especially for casual gamers.

The unknown part is how much the game will cost.  Potential downside (though could be positive for some) is the art style, which gives first impression that this game is simple and perhaps geared only for casual audience.  In fact to further support this feeling is that the game claims 5 minutes strategy game.

If the price is right and depth is right, this simple to play game can potentially be a next Hearthstone.



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