【HEX】Quick Action or Troop? 1 cost Counter Magic

Here is the set 2 card spoiler.  This card is rather interesting from the card design/mechanics point of view.

Quick Action and Troop

The most interesting and perhaps rather unique part of this card is it can actually act as either quick action card or troop depending on your situation. You may have enough cards in your hand but not quite ready to pay the cost of 8.  You can use this as a quick action with cost of 1 and 2 other cards from your hand.

You are ready to finish the game?  Just pay straight up 8 cost and cast a troop that has 7 attacking power and can’t be blocked.

Card marking

One of the unique feature to the digital only TCG.  When this card is used as a quick action to interrupt opponent’s card, this exact copy of the card gets permanent -4 cost reduction.  Obviously with a physical card game that can potentially contain multiple copies of this card will have hard time replicating this mechanics.

Threshold resource cost separation

We have already seen this, but this is again illustrating rather HEX’s similar but different approach to resource system in comparison to Magic.  Thresholds are not the same as actual resource cost; therefore, they can make card or cost like this.


Whether this card is good for competitive tournament, I am not sure.  However, the card design from the mechanics point of view is very interesting and unique.  I believe this is the first HEX card that can essentially act as either quick action or troop.


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