【HEX】After 1 year, HEX is finally a “trading” card game.

The next big patch is scheduled to be on its way on 9/30.  This is the biggest patch since the addition of Auction house with overhaul of the visual change, but one of the main feature is free trading functionality!

You’ve Got Mail

In HEX, we want you to be able to share your cards with your friends and your collection to have real value, just like in a physical TCG. That’s why we have an open economy where you can buy and sell cards on the Auction House. Of course, the T in TCG stands for “trading.” In this update, you’ll be able to mail cards to other players.

You can attach up to 20 items in a single piece of mail and send it along. That includes cards, booster packs, mercenaries, platinum, and gold.When you receive mail, you’ll open the message and click “Claim Attachments” to send the items into your stash.

After you’ve claimed the cards, the mail remains as a record of everything that you’ve received until you delete it.

This feature adds some potential for HEX as seen on other dTCG.  With the free email attachment option, people can now start selling card online store and transfer these card.  This means there is a potential of real money trade such as using Paypal through ebay etc.



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