【HEX】Collector Tier Value turned out to be more than expected!

Pro Tier was the most popular one with its bonus being free draft per week for life.  Collector tier provided limited AA, 6 per year i.e. 2 per set.  It was not as popular.  With a recent announcement/release of the very first sets of AA cards, there were mixed feeling among community, including relatively large number of negative feeling.

The primary reason behind the negativity was the two cards were “rare” rarities and not the most popular ones.  In fact, not even close to the being the popular.

However, it turned out to be these cards are much more valuable than many had thought (though some correctly guessed this).

The dwarf is selling for 2500 platinum, and totem for 5000 platinum.  Since collector’s get 2 copies of each, if each set has relatively similar value, then collectors get 15000 x 3 = 45000 platinum ($450) each year.  This is in comparison to the Pro Tier which is 700 x 52 = 36400 platinum each year.  In fact, since we can get each booster pack for around 150 platinum, the actual value of the Pro Tier is even less.

So those of you who got Collector Tier, perhaps you all made a right choice!


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