【HEX】Sen’s Report ~ First Shattered Destiny Draft ~

I rarely write about the actual game play experience of my own on this blog.  But it’s the day of Shattered Destiny release, and guess what I did?  I played my first Shattered destiny draft!  Here is my experience from it.  This is a new series in this blog, I decided to call it “Sen’s Report.”

First pack

The rare I got was War Prodigy.  It is somewhat a prototypical of Shattered Destiny as one of the main theme in this set is to allow player’s to play multishard deck with more ease.  Especially, Human race has the theme of tri-shard deck.

I have no idea of the card value at this early stage, and I am guessing War Prodigy isn’t going to that high in value, but nonetheless, it’s a rare, and one I don’t have, I have to take it!

As usual, I sort of plan my draft deck based on my rare pick, which probably all the experienced players may say “WRONG approach”.

But I have no solid plan so I’ve decided to go with “human deck”.

Second Pack

Guess what rare I got from this pack?  Another War Prodigy.  Either this rare is much more common and turns out to be relatively worthless in value or maybe it is my day.  I of course kept the rare.

Somewhat to my surprise, despite it is still such an early stage since the launch of Set 2, next couple selections did have rares passed along.  The first one was Stonetusk.  Since I am someone more heavily invested in diamond already after the first pack, and of course it’s being rare, I took it without even looking at others.  Then, yet another run had a rare, which was Junk Bot.

I got couple dual land, specifically two copies of Shard of Conquest.  One copy of Royal Herald.

Third Pack

For those of you who are not familiar, the new draft format consists of 2 Shattered Destiny packs and 1 Shard of Fate pack.  So this third pack was rather much familiar to most of us.  The rare I got on this was Crash of Beasts.  Given it is a wild shard, I thought about passing this but I have no confidence on myself winning (even the first round) of this competitive draft tournament, so I kept it.

Then another rare got passed to me, which was Wrathwood Colossus. Again, it’s a rare so I kept it.

So overall, as far as “rare draft” is concerned I got 3 extra rares.  So I say this was a success.


Not too much to write here as I lost on the first round.  To my surprise, the very first game of the first round, I felt like the deck might perhaps work with I actually got all 6 thresholds (2 sapphire, 2 diamond, 2 ruby), had War Prodigy, and was able to activate my Champion’s ability by turn 5.

But my opponent quickly gave up not probably because of how well my deck was going to work, but rather he had an issue with saving his deck.

So the actual two games where he had a real deck, I lost.  I basically lost to a Shin’hare deck, which it looked like a swarm type.


Overall, so many new cards and so much new potential.  This is the exact reason why I love TCG.  When new sets are released, the game changes so much to the point I feel like I am now playing completely new game.


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