【HEX】December VIP ~ Last chance to win Set 1 VIP AA cards ~

This weekend is the last VIP tournament for 2014, and it’s the last time to win Set 1 VIP AA cards.

The VIP Tournament weekend begins this Friday, December 26th at 10 AM Pacific.

Xentoth's Inquisitor Alternate Art

For more information about VIP tournaments, click here.

Tournament formats change by month, so December’s VIP format is Sealed and January’s will be Constructed. Tournament start times are as follows (in Pacific time). You can convert the times to your local time zone here: Worldclock

Friday, December 26th: 10:00 AM, 7:00 PM

Saturday, December 27th: 3:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 6:00 PM 

Sunday, December 28th: 9:00 AM

Each tournament will need a minimum of 16 players to start and will have a 128-players maximum. Each tournament will be 4 rounds of Swiss-style pairings. Prizes will be based on the player’s record at the end of the tournament. Prizes are listed below. Remember, this is the last month to win Xentoth’s Inquisitor and Menacing Gralk alternate art cards!

VIP Sealed

Players: 16 minimum – 128 maximum

Format: 4 rounds of Swiss

Entry fee: VIP ticket + 1,400 plat or 6 packs + 200 plat


4 wins: 10 packs / 2 Xentoth’s Inquisitor AA / 2 Menacing Gralk AA / 70,000 gold

3 wins: 8 packs / 1 Xentoth’s Inquisitor AA / 1 Menacing Gralk AA / 35,000 gold

2 wins: 4 packs / 1 Xentoth’s Inquisitor AA / 1 Menacing Gralk AA / 20,000 gold

1 win: 2 packs / 10,000 gold

0 wins: 1 pack / 5,000 gold

It is confirmed by official forum HEX employee that the prizes for this tournament are all paid by Set 2 packs (most player should be happier with this decision).

For the packs, you need 4 set 2 packs and 2 set 1 packs.

Although I’ve been a VIP member, I have not yet tried the VIP tournament to this date, but this time I may try my first Sealed tournament, which turns out to be the VIP tournament.


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