【Nova Blitz】Kickstarter Project

It has been awhile since I have covered a new dTCG on this blog.  But they are continuing to coming every months with all being innovative in some way.  One of those game that caught my eye is currently on the kickstarter, called “Nova Blitz.”

In short glance, and on paper, this game has a potential of being a game that is as deep as Magic or HEX.  I can confirm this based on the fundamental of the game design as this game include dynamic interactive play (DIP) i.e. one can counter other player in real time.  Furthermore, it has the dedicated resource card i.e.allows players to do not only resource management but potential for special types of such card i.e. depth of card based resource system (CBRS).

But this game can be as fast as Heathstone or Solforge.  This is because the game uses simultaneous turn system.  Somewhat similar to that of Infinity Wars but the difference here is you do actually see the each ;play the opponent does in real time and you can act on it.  By this I mean basically two players take a turn at the same time, and as the timer runs out, planning phase moves to battle phase.

Currently, everyone can play a free demo version on PC, and of course check the kickstarter site for more detail.


I have not yet backed this game up myself but certainly keeping a close eye on.  Once I get a bit more chance to play with a demo version, I will post my first impression here.

But for now, it is suffice to say this game appeals to me and seems to have some great potential.  So anyone who is interested in dTCG, which all of you who is looking at this post, should definitely check the kickstarter site and download the demo for yourself.


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  1. heres quite a good one too, maybe u should do an article on it


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