【HEX】 Gold Appreciation

The value of in game currency in HEX, called Gold, has changed substantially.  So what is current conversion rate of platinum to gold in HEX?

Currently, the cheapest booster pack in gold sells for 17499 for buyout value.  The same booster pack in platinum sells for 164.  This means the gold:platinum is 106.7:1.  Previously, it was almost 200:1 (see here).   Since 100 platinum costs US$1, 10000 gold is roughly a US$1.

Is this a good for game?

The appreciation of in game currency is generally a good sign for players as it means this game becomes more Free to Play oriented.

The reason is gold are in game currency in HEX which we can obtain by just playing i.e. you don’t need to pay anything.  Unlike several other dTCG, HEX provides a way to indirectly trade gold for platinum via using auction house and buy/sell cards/items.

However, there is also a potential downside.  Let’s take it to an extreme so it is easier to understand.  Let’s say gold:platinum becomes 1:1, and player can make 10,000 golds each hour.  This means technically player can make US$100 worth of game currency every hour.  It sounds ridiculous and not only good for free to play, but now becomes a potential money making game for players.  But major issue exists when this happens, which is probably obvious for everyone, but just to state here.  Basically, with such easy way of making gold, no sane person will now spend a real money to buy platinum.  Nobody will buy gold for money (not officially supported by game but there is always a way).   So despite technically US$100/hour worth game, the game money itself is no longer a true value.  Therefore, the developer will no longer make any money; hence, game will eventually die out.

So there is a happy medium.  Is HEX currently at that spot?  I am not sure.  It is hard to say, but on the massivelyop interview, “Cory estimates that F2P players currently earn about $0.90-$1.10 per hour (compared to the norm of less than $0.10) while playing the game.”

If above statement is true then I believe the game is at least Free to play friendly, and question remains whether it’s too much or not.  In my opinion, $1/hour sounds reasonable and not too much because anyone who works make way more than $1/hour so purely for grinding it may not be worth one’s time; however, someone who does not work or spend any penny, he/she can spend a weekend and even buy the rarest i.e. most expensive cards without spending a penny or ridiculous 100’s hours play.

What do you all think?


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