【HEX】 Set 3 ~ Armies of Myth ~ Lauching on July 14th

The third set of dTCG, HEX now has an official release date.  It is less than a three weeks away.


July 14

The launch date is July 14th!

All cards have been revealed


PvE Update

Unfortunately, no new dungeon information i.e. there won’t be any with Set 3 release, but there will be tons of new equipments.


Speaking of equipment, HEX official website had card representation version of equipment as below.

Although there is no official plan to convert all equipment into this format at this point, I really like this over current

I_boot_chimesofthezodiac   -fleet feet

This format.



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  1. I really like your blog! Have you considered writing a few words about mobile card battler Earthcore: Shattered Elements that came out a few weeks ago?

    I’m one of the developers of the game and could help you in writing about it.


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