【HEX】Online Card collection and Deck Synching

One of the benefit of being a game with strong community support allows some of nice handy tools although I would still prefer official support through the developer themselves.  This has been out for awhile but I had finally had a chance to use it, and plan to continue using in the future.  It is a tool that sync one of the major HEX card database website (HEXTCGBrowser) with our own HEX ingame account collection.

What can it do?

  • Synch your card collection from the game into the website card collection.
  • Synch your decks from the game into the website decks.
  • Onlive synching while in draft to see what cards you are still missing.


  • One way synch i.e. updating on the website will not change what’s in the game.  So you won’t be able to create a deck on the web and expect that to show up on your in game account.
  • Synch takes place after certain event in the game i.e. you have to trigger those events.

How to


1. Click here to get your TCGBrowser sync code (you must to be logged in).
2. Enable the game client API.

By default the API is disabled. In order to enable it and send data to TCGBrowser you need to do the following:

Edit the config.ini file from the HEX folder and add the next two lines at the end of the file:


where CODE is your generated sync code
e.g. Notifications=http://hex.tcgbrowser.com:8080/sync?1234567890

If you want to enable only Decks sync and/or only Collection sync, use one of the lines below instead:

Once you’ve done the above steps, you’re ready to synchronize your decks and collection.

Sync Decks:
Save a deck inside the game and it will be exported in the TCGBrowser site.

Sync Collection:
Currently there are several ways to trigger a collection export. You can do it by buying a card from AH, posting a card on AH and then cancel it or playing a draft.

Some things to keep in mind:
– If you already have a deck on the site with the same name as the one exported, it will be overwritten.
– AA cards will be replaced with non-AA versions (temporary solution until they’re supported by the API).
– Exported decks are set on private. If changed to public, they will retain this setting upon future updates.
– TCGBrowser doesn’t support different gems on the same card. Because of that, only the gem on the first card is saved.

NEW: Draft monitoring
It is now possible to show the draft packs and the drafted cards, including the amount from your collection (assuming the collection sync was performed previously).

How to use:
Open this url: http://hex.tcgbrowser.com:8080/livedraft?CODE(change CODE as explained above).
Open HEX and join a draft.
During the draft, this page will be updated with the packs that are passed to you and also the cards that you pick.

For any questions please send an email to support@tcgbrowser.com or post on the forum.

Source: http://hex.tcgbrowser.com/tools/sync/


  • Initially, I did not see update on the web despite satisfying the trigger event in the game.  Then I noticed, changing tabs on web screen won’t reload the content nor even refreshing browswer (at least for me). So instead I had to hit right upper corner User ID and click name again to open new tab, which reloaded entire data.

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