[HEX] dTCG for Pro?

Recently, HEX has launched $100,00 Prize tournament, called invitational tournament.  This addition made the game into a whole new level of some player population.


What’s HEX Invitational?

We’re extremely excited to start the $100,000 tournament series and we hope you will enjoy participating and competing for the grand prize! The beginning of that long journey starts now and 12 lucky finalists will be flown out to sunny Southern California in February 2016 to compete for fame, glory, and money! Do you have what it takes to be the first HEX Invitational Champion?


You can start earning entries into HEX Invitational Qualifiers by participating in daily scheduled tournaments, 8-person on-demand queues, and Gauntlets starting October 6, 2015 19:00 CEST (Worldclock). HEX Invitational Qualifiers will run on weekends between October and January. The first Invitational Qualifier tournament will be sealed and take place on October 10th at 8AM CEST (Worldclock).


Participating in daily tournaments, 8-person queues, and gauntlets, will earn you qualifier tickets. In order to get these tickets your record will determine how many tickets you will receive.


  • 4 wins receives 10 qualifying tickets
  • 3 wins receives 4 qualifying tickets
  • 2 wins receives 1 qualifying ticket


  • 1st Place receives 1 qualifying ticket


  • 5 wins receives 1 qualifying tickets (you can have losses).


You will need to collect 10 tickets in order to participate in a HEX Invitational Qualifier. There will be 12 qualifiers with the winner of each qualifier being invited to play in the HEX Invitational tournament! Here is the schedule for the HEX Invitational Qualifiers:

  • October 10 – Sealed – 8:00 CEST
  • October 17 – Sealed – 17:00 CEST
  • October 31 – Constructed – 8:00 CET
  • November 7 – Constructed – 17:00 CET
  • November 14 – Sealed – 8:00 CET
  • November 21 – Sealed – 17:00 CET
  • December 6 – Constructed – 8:00 CET
  • December 13 – Constructed – 17:00 CET
  • December 20 – Sealed – 8:00 CET
  • January 3 – Sealed – 17:00 CET
  • January 10 – Constructed – 8:00 CET
  • January 17 – Constructed – 17:00 CET


For more information about the Rules and Terms of Service for the tournament, you can click the links below:

  • Tournament Rules (PDF)
  • Tournament Terms of Service (PDF)
  • Tournament Integrity (Webpage)

Source: https://www.hextcg.com/road-to-the-100000-tournament/

In short, you participate in different types of HEX tournament and collect points, when you have enough you get to play in invitational tournament with relatively high rate of booster pack prizes.  If you win in the tournament, you get to play in final tournament where you can win a real money.


Such addition now makes HEX into the true arena of eSports or simply HEX became truly attractive to Pro TCG players.

Surge in Online Articles

It used to be once a week update, but since the launch of invitational tournament, the articles on the official sites are more frequently updated.   From Cryptozoic point of view, they now have relatively constant/more frequent launch of large scale tournament therefore simply listing the deck list from the tournament is suffice to make it to an article, and such article is welcome for those who are truly into TCG because it can tell you what’s the meta or get idea of what decks are proven to be competitive.

Daily tournament launching

For someone like myself who fits inbetween i.e. not a free to play only but not pro level i.e. who wants to play tournament every so often for fun, this is a great addition as well.  Because of qualifier point system, the rate of tournament launching in HEX has increased significantly especially when it comes to more larger scheduled construct and sealed tournaments.


The invitational tournament system now covers one extreme of the players, the professional TCG players.  This further allows middle players to have more chance to play in various tournament as they are simply more frequently launching.  The game yet remain to attract the other extreme, more casual player, which PvE is believed to be the main component to attract such population.


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