【Kickstarter】Labryinth Collectible Card RPG

I have not yet had a chance to do a bit deep research about this project, and there are only 6 more days to go, and not even sure if I will have time to dig in by the end of kickstarter.  So rather than giving my opinion here, just check the game out yourself!

In short this is a game that combines collectible card game and tactical RPG.  In quick glance, it reminded me two games, Magic the Gathering Tactics (probably bad end of example) and Lord of Vermillion (a good end of example).

Again, I have not yet done much of reading into how this game works but graphics look great.  Concept itself can be amazing.  So it is worth a look.

Currently, they have not yet met Kickstarter funding goal despite rather relatively low goal for this level of game (in terms of quality and complexity).  I would not have surprised if this had reached HEX:TCG level of funding, but obviously 6 days remaining it won’t reach even close to it.  So there may be some major flaw or issue in fundamental design of this game that people are not attracted by or perhaps lack of advertisement.

Nonetheless, at this point I can recommend only one thing.  Check it out yourself and see if you like it because yet again I say, there are less than week left on kickstarter for this game!

Official Site: http://labyrinthccg.com/

Kickstarter Site: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/freerangegames/labyrinth-collectible-card-rpg?utm_source=sbe&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=kickstarter


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